Meet the 50 adorable pups who won the AfterEllen Dog Draft!

Sadence “Sadie” Beyonce Power


Breed: Maltese X Poodle. Position: Jammer. Special skills: Getting underfoot, being at the cutting edge of dog fashion, letting things hit her in the head rather than attempting to catch them, running in circles, snuggling, hiding at bath time, stealing treats, perching on furniture like a cat.



Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Position Played: Running Back. Special Skills: Digging holes, chasing moving objects, burrowing like there is no tomorrow, looking adorable in her Baltimore Ravens jersey. Fun Fact: Zelda’s a rescued former puppy mill dog. She’s had a rough life but is getting used to the fine art of being a lapdog.



Hometown: Nova Scotia

Loves taking people out at the knees, and is a toy hoarder. Spoiled rotten.



Hometown: Hartford

Position: Wide Receiver (or at least she tries to receive, she is easily distracted). Special Skills: Going from comatose to Olympic sprinter in 2.5 seconds



Hometown: North Dartmouth

Plays for: Jennifer. Breed: Golden Retriever. Position: Defensive End. Special Skills: Once he gets the ball you will never get it back, seriously, the game will be over, he can use his weight well to keep the ball. Also, the J-Man is very good at the low pitch grumble which would scare opponents if it were at all scary and not so adorable

A huge thank you to everyone who participated! The real winners are all of us who have dogs to love!

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