Margrit Eichler talks “Black Swan,” her Jewish roots and being the lesbian frontwoman of True Margrit

AE: Speaking of acting, your music is being used in a new film, The Stranger In Us. Your video for “Opposite Opposite Man” actually sold me on the movie; I immediately added it to my Netflix queue. Did you write those songs specifically for the movie?

Oh yeah! Well because I’m a musician full-time and I need to make money, I produce bands and I do film scores. I’ve known the director, Scott Boswell, for a long time and he hired me to do the score for the film so I wrote music for the scenes, the underlying score, but he needed a song for the opening scene and the credits too so I was like, “How about ‘Opposite Man’ and ‘Opposite Opposite Man’?” and it weirdly fit the story. So it’s both, I wrote music for it and they used True Margrit music. I’m really excited for everyone to see the film. They’re kind of amazing performances by the actors. I haven’t gotten through it yet without crying, and I worked on it! It’s a very touching story about three boys in a love triangle.

I just realized I never got back to your comparison to Ben Folds – it’s funny I had never really listened to him and then when I heard him I was like, “Oh yeah, I guess we do sound like him. If Ben Folds were a Jewish lesbian that would be me!”

AE: Definitely! I mean the way in which you play the piano, which is really just incredible to hear – I mean I think now a lot of things are very guitar-driven, so when you hear piano-driven music, it’s just so different and when you hear it being done well, it showcases your ability really well.

Well thanks! I’m here to support the piano and put it on its throne.

AE: You said that you produce some bands as well; what bands should we be listening out for?

There’s a local band called, Sit Kitty Sit and they’re a piano/drum duo. They’re kind of an aggro-classical/pop-death metal. They’re amazing. I just did their EP.

I did this almost full-length album with this great band called Clair with Maria Stanford, an amazing rock vocalist. And today I’m going in to master something with my bass player, Gary Hopish, for this band called The Creak — they’re kind of bluegrass-ish. Two guys named Joe. What more could you want?

AE: Are you working on some new stuff for us to hear?

Yeah definitely. We’re working on a new album but we also have a bunch of tracks that just didn’t make it on the album that we’re thinking of releasing online in case anyone just wants to hear more stuff while we’re working on the new one which is called “Super Hero Drugs,” which is one of our newer songs, it’s not recorded yet. “It’s a metaphor!” [Laughs] Sorry, just had a Darren Aronofsky moment.

AE: I think I’m going to be screaming that at my girlfriend from now on.

The short answer is yes, we are working on a new album.

True Margrit’s fifth full-length release, The Juggler’s Progress is available now and the film The Stranger In Us is available for purchase on DVD.

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