Mama Rizzoli rates TV moms of lesbian/bisexual characters


Erica Kane, Bianca’s mom, All My Children

“Finally, I saw [Bianca] for the breathtaking, beautiful, confident, young, gay woman she was. No, not at the moment, I didn’t — I seem to do everything on my own schedule — but I saw her, really saw her. And although I’m sure I was too stunned at the moment to know it, I was so impressed, and I was so proud.” 

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Lucia Torres, Callie’s mom, Grey’s Anatomy

“Do you know how devastating it is to raise a child and to love a child and to know you won’t see that child in heaven?”

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Peggy Peabody, Helena’s mom, The L Word

“Before I die, there’s some things I want to say to you. First of all … about your clothes …”

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Paula Carlin, Spencer’s mom, South of Nowhere

“A mother’s job is to love her child unconditionally and to be proud of her. It took my daughter to teach me that and if you can’t accept that, that’s your problem, not mine.”

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This is just a start, of course. Who’s your favorite TV mom of a lesbian/bisexual character? Would Mama Rizzoli approve? 

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