“Lost Girl” recap: Episode 1.08 “Vexed”


Bo’s really angry. Getting betrayed by your lesbian lover generally has that effect on succubi. She shows up at Mayer’s restaurant and demands he tell her where Vex is. Since Mayer owes her a favor, he’s got no choice but to give her the answer. But he warns her that this is no favor he’s doing her.


Over at the prison, Lou Ann has run out of time. It’s execution time. And Trick is in attendance. Wait, what? What are you up to Trickster?

Meanwhile, Bo has managed to attach every piece of weapon in her inventory to some part of her person. She’s ready to kick some Dark Fae booty.


It looks like Vex likes to hang out at empty strip clubs. Odd fellow. He also likes to play with the spotlight. Bo tells him she’s there to kill him, but I think she underestimated the efficiency of mind control. Vex turns her knife on her.

At The Dell, Dyson is trying to score points for Team Dyson by playing pool with Kenzi. Lauren runs in and tells Dyson that she screwed up and that Bo’s in trouble and gives Dyson the address of where to find her.


Bo’s doing OK on her own, though. Thanks to the spiffy weapon Trick gave her, she’s able to break free of Vex’s mind control. Left with no other alternatives, Vex resorts to trying to distract Bo with promises of information about her family.


Dyson and Kenzi arrive and Dyson pulls Bo away from Vex and tells Vex to go. Angry, Bo turns the weapon on Dyson but he doesn’t back down.

Dyson: I wish I could tell you there was some grand conspiracy, but there isn’t. Vex, Siegfried, Lou Ann. They didn’t know anything about your mother. Nobody does.


Lies! Personally, I think the continued way in which Dyson has been lying to Bo is way worse than what Lauren did. But of course Lauren will be in the doghouse interminably and Dyson will probably be understood and forgiven in half a second. I wish I could be more optimistic.

Bo: Somebody knows. Somebody knows!

Meanwhile, in a body bag across town, Lou Ann is waking up from her failed execution. And why did it fail? Because of Trick.


Trick: We need to talk.

And the plot thickens!

There’s no Lauren in episode 1.09 and barely any Lauren in 1.10 and 1.11. I haven’t watched 1.12 yet. And then there’s only one episode left. Sniff.

I wish they made a video game of this show where you could choose who Bo ends up with. That would be awesome. Speaking of video games, WoW calls! See some of you in Azeroth!

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