“Lost Girl” recap: Episode 1.08 “Vexed”


Back at home, Kenzi is busy saving the world from robot hookers and Bo decides it’s a good time for a bath. Bath time in these kinds of shows usually spell death and destruction so I expect that any second now a…Oh, yep. There we go. Some ugly-looking Fae creature is trying to kill Bo now. She looks a bit like the First Slayer on Buffy, but with crappier dental hygiene.


I think maybe the Dark Fae are in the middle of a week-long costume party where they all get to dress as their favorite TV and movie characters.

Fighting happens. Eventually, Kenzi hears screaming and rushes to the rescue, giving Bo a chance to kill the Dark Fae.


Kenzi: Smells like fried bitch.

I guess Bo calls Dyson over because he’s there in a jiffy and he tells her that this wasn’t a sanctioned assassination attempt. Bo’s annoyed because Fae interrupting her bath time is getting old now. Dyson reminds her that without choosing Light or Dark she’s got no protection from either side.


Bo reminds him that she doesn’t need to choose sides because she’s protected by a much stronger force: The Main Character Immortality Clause. She’s pretty much guaranteed to survive all attacks and/or otherwise fatal situations from now until the end of the show. Therefore, he can take his Light Fae rules and shove them.

Dyson successfully says all the wrong things and Bo gets annoyed enough to turn down his sleepover invite even though she’s all banged up and could use some sexual healing.


So instead, Bo heads over to see Trick for advice.

Meanwhile, The Ash calls Lauren over for a chat. He tells her that he knows she’s been helping Bo without his permission, but assumes that she did so for the good of the Light Fae. Yeah, sure. Or to get into her pants. Same thing. The Ash thinks it’s a good time to use Lauren’s relationship with Bo and tells Lauren that the man Bo seeks is called Vex. The Dark Fae lurve him and will kill Bo if Bo manages to kill Vex. The Ash doesn’t want Bo to die and Lauren sighs with relief.


Lauren: How can I help?

The Ash: I will negotiate with The Morrigan to have Vex sent away. You will keep Bo on a leash until he is gone.

Lauren: How? I’ve tried to reason with her.

The Ash: She’s a succubus. If you want to keep her alive I’m sure you’ll think of someway to distract her.


Light Fae sanctioned booty call coming right up.

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