“Lost Girl” recap: Episode 1.08 “Vexed”

Speaking of Mr. Pointy Fangs, he’s about to get killed off by a Sadistic Baddie that uses telekinesis and mind control to cause major ouchies and eventually death. He looks a bit like Edward Scissorhands (minus the scissorhands). They’re probably going to need the Fae version of the Criminal Minds team to catch this guy. Maybe that’s where JJ went.


Where was I? Oh yes. So the Eddie lookalike is angry because Vampy is sharing info with outsiders and blah blah. Long story short: Vampire’s dead.

The crime scene is bloody and unpleasant but Dyson is on the job. And of course Bo shows up. Dyson’s moody/annoyed/worried/angry/etc. All the usual Dysonesque emotions, which eventually all lead to him letting Bo go ahead and do whatever she wants anyway. She tells him about the trip to Prisonland and the lady there. Her name is Lou Ann. Dyson’s like, “Leave it alone!”

So, of course half a second later he agrees to give her Lou Ann’s police file and the autopsy report on Vampy. I guess the real police don’t need that or anything.


Using her superior powers of deduction, which appear whenever convenient, Bo figures out that whatever Fae was responsible for the death of Vampy was also responsible for the death of prison lady’s kids. Oh yes, she’s on death row for supposedly killing her kids. But as Bo figures out, she was being controlled by someone.

So, when did things go south for Lou Ann? Well, it all began when she fell in love with a human. Uh oh. Yeah, apparently the Fae don’t like mixed relationships all that much. You’d think they’d be a bit more open-minded, but no. They killed her kids to punish her.


Bo gets the bright idea to ask Lauren to set up a meet and greet with The Ash so she can ask him to get Lou Ann out of prison. The Ash is like, “Uh, no. That’s not my problem. Peace out.”

Lauren’s annoyed at Bo for being disrespectful of The Ash, but Bo doesn’t care much for authority figures.


Lauren: This is dangerous. I have no influence with the Dark. I can’t help you if you get into trouble.

Bo: I’m not asking you to. You tell your boss he’s not the only connection I have.

Bo goes to visit her good friend Mayer to see if he can help. He’s not much help either.

Mayer: Some advice? Let this one go.


Bo isn’t good at letting things go, so she asks Mayer to at least help her track down the one guilty for the killings. He agrees to look into it.

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