“Lost Girl” recap: Episode 1.08 “Vexed”

So, Bo’s mother is a convicted criminal on death row? Nope. Because that would be too easy, you see. The road to Bo’s mother is not a direct route. There’s several stops along the way in the shape of random diversions. Most of these diversions will likely be unnecessary. But we’re not meant to notice that.


At some point they will have to rush to death row to meet with the lady in the picture. She might know something about Bo’s mom. Tick, tock, though. Her execution is in three days.

Since we’re not in a rush or anything, let’s go to Lauren’s lab for a check up.


Bo is trying very hard to strike up a flirty conversation. She compliments Lauren’s necklace. Then she asks Lauren if she misses working on “normal” people. Dr. Hotpants finds humans boring, though.

Bo: Once you go Fae you never go back, huh?
Lauren: So I hear. Speaking of humans, have you had any success &mdsah; sexually, yet?
Bo: I’m a little scared to try the whole meal deal. But there’s no rush, right?
Lauren: Oh, no. No, of course. You should take your time.
Bo: Because I was thinking that taking things slow on that front would be good. For everyone. If they were OK with that.




Lauren gets the message loud and clear, but she’s got this habit of being logical all the time.

Lauren: Devil’s Advocate… a succubus needs a healthy sex life in order to be stable. And, of course, when wounded you’ll have to have sex in order to heal.
Bo: Yeah, well, I kind of have that covered.

Oh that gets Lauren’s attention.


Bo: Or I did, anyway.
Lauren: Oh. Really. With who?
Bo: Dyson. I trust him and he’s Fae so I don’t have to worry about draining him to death. Everybody wins.

Yeah, I’m not sure Lauren’s agreeing with that so much. She sort of looks like she’s stabbing Dyson in her mind with a million tiny pins.


Lauren: Well, that’s good to know. As your doctor, I would be more comfortable with you choosing someone slightly less well-traveled. But, um, it’s your choice.

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