“Lost Girl” Recap (4.13): The heart is a lonely hunter

On the battlefield, Dyson is trying to talk Kenzi out of her destiny. But Kenzi knows better, she knows that while Bo may have many loves, she only has one heart. So she must go. But, she assures Dyson that she has a plan. Turns out Rainer finally did something useful with his gift of foresight–or so they tell us. He knew his death would allow Tamsin to take his soul and earn her way back into Valhalla. So now when Kenzi dies on the battlefield, Tamsin can take her there as a fallen warrior. And there is where she will wait for Bo to find her. Well, it kind of makes sense. If Bo can break out of hell, she can certainly break into heaven. Or at least we hope.

So, anyway, back to the end of the world. Bo runs to join the party, but her mark of the beast lights up. I don’t really understand why sometimes the Pyrippus drains her power and sometimes he gives her power. But I’m just going to add it to my list. Just then she finds something in her pocket. It’s Kenzi’s engagement ring. I’m guessing Kenz slipped it in Bo’s pocket during the hug. And I’m guessing its presence symbolizes her saying goodbye. Again, I’m guessing – l’m getting used to it this season.


But the next sequence, well, the next sequence I cannot snark about. For all the flaws of this jumbled season – and there were many – this scene plays flawlessly. Heroic death is always a gift. Just ask Buffy. Kenzi bravely walks toward her destiny, and does it all in knee-high leather heels. Our girl is fierce to the very end.

Everything is awful, and in slo-mo which makes it only more awful. Bo runs in. Screaming. Tears. Heartbreak. And with that Kenzi turns and goes into the light.


And like that, it’s all over. The revenants fall and our pocket-sized hero lays lifeless on the ground. Tamsin runs to her and then, in hands down the most gorgeous sequence of the season, her Valkyrie wings emerge. She envelopes Kenzi in her wings and then the littlest warrior is whisked off to Valhalla.

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So, that’s it. End of season, right? The terrible beauty of death and promise of rescue, right? See you next winter, when we return for Lost Girl: Buffy Season 6. Well, not exactly. First Dyson finds Tamsin at the gates of Valhalla. I have no idea how he got there, or why. Can’t Valkyries get back from there on their own? Never mind, push through. Oh, wait, it is because she saw something terrible and has a warning for him. He can’t let Bo rescue Kenzi, or find the second Hellshoe. And there is your set-up for Season 5, folks. Also, does this mean Damsin/Tyson/ValkuWolf is definitely happening?


And so it really ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper for those lost. Bo goes to visit Kenzi’s grave. Our darling Mackenzie “Kenzi” Malikov saved the world, just that once. But it was enough. She was our friend, our warrior, our heart. Bo says that she is done crying, done being scared. She’ll get Kenzi back. And the world should be scared of her.

Bo may not be Dark anymore, but make no mistake, Dark Bo is coming.



Come back, sweet Mackenzie, come back. It’s going to be really hard to pick a Kenzism each week otherwise.

“Destiny. Booyah.”


See you – and the girls – next fall, old brown-blue eyes.

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