“Lost Girl” Recap (4.13): The heart is a lonely hunter


So Bo takes her vulva-lace and heads off to find the real thing. The Masshole is still ranting and raving, but at least he has found some proper cuffs for Lauren. Bo walks in offering to give him a big prick for his little prick. So much double entendre. Then Lauren tells her she shouldn’t have come, but Bo responds that she always does. Entendres, entendres everywhere.


Lauren thanks the goddess Bo arrived, in case this show wasn’t lesborific, womyn power enough for you. Massimo can’t stop talking about all the power he has absorbed, and then gives Bo a little taste – or, more accurately, note. He sirens her and pulls out whatever else he can from his Fae bag of stolen tricks.

In between beat-downs, he spits out more not entirely menacing threats. Really, it’s hard to think of two duller villains (or pseudo-villains) than Massimo and Rainer. One guy with mommy issues and one guy we happily forgot–again. Lauren tells Bo she’s about to die of boredom, but don’t worry, she’s also almost out of her cuffs. That skill is really going to add a fun dynamic in the bedroom. Plus, she already has top-notch foreplay skills. She’s not called Dr. Hotpants for nothing, folks.


Bo decides it’s time to pull out a classic. So she gives Massimo a like Succu-time. Just then Mommy Dearest saunters in to break up the party. Now the Morrigan, that is an interesting villain. Bo thinks so, too, and turns her attention to Evony instead. Though, the poor dear has been more of a pawn than the power player we all know she can be this season. Massimo throws another tantrum for her anyway, because that’s what he does. That is all he does.


All this toddler drama makes Bo hungry, again. Lauren suggests Bo try the delectable treat in her arms. OK, telling your ex and/or current and/or future girlfriend to taste your most recent sexual conquest is a little weird even for us gay ladies and our incestuous circles. But Bo does, just to taunt the Masshole. And also, probably, because it’s a little hot.

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