“Lost Girl” Recap (4.12): Mother, may I sleep with danger?


Evony takes it all relatively well, once she figures out how to scratch her own nose, and then attempts to makes the best out of a bad situation. She tells Lauren now that she is human, Bo will fall for her. And they already have something in common. They’ll both screw anything. Sorry, Evony, I have to correct you. They both have excellent taste in women. That’s what you meant. Lauren corrects her with her fist.


Besides being incredibly satisfying, smacking the shit out of The Morrigan also serves as a quick way to get a blood sample. I don’t know what crazy app Lauren is using on her phone to analyze her cells, but it’s bound to be a bigger hit than Flappy Bird.

On her way out she casually tells Evony her body may accept or reject the sudden changes. If it’s the latter she’ll be dead in an hour. Also, thanks for the sex. Toodles.


Bo is finally seeking advice from someone she has known for more than two minutes. She asks Dyson what to do, and if they’ve done the right thing for Kenzi. No, and also no. Tamsin has her own solution for their problems: booze. Gotta love Tam-Tam, when the going gets tough the tough get plastered.

Dyson decides it is as good a time as any to open up the Zamora Family Code that Hale left him in his will. Bo reads it, and then before everyone’s eyes another line appears referencing the “Queen.” History is rewriting itself all over the damn place. A crest also appears on the back of the embroidery, the same one as Rosette’s tattoo. The symbol means loyalty to the Queen.


Tamsin clarifies that it’s not just their Queen, but The Queen. As in, The Queen Bee. As in, The One. As in Bo is now the Neo of Lost Girl. This whole derivative storyline can be redeemed as long as Carrie-Anne Moss shows up in that latex bodysuit.

In the Mommy Dearest storyline, Vex tries to convince Massimo to run off to England with him until things blow over. Sure, of course, they had this incredibly tight father-son relationship for years that we’ve never known about. Completely believable. He almost gets his little Druid to come away with him, but then Mother calls.


Yep, Massimo has a Fae mommy. Well, had a Fae mommy. Massimo is Evony’s dirty little human secret. See, now this actually makes sense, unlike the Vex foster dad stuff. Because Evony seems like someone who would have a human child she kept hidden away and considered a monster – and enormous disappointment.

She yells at him for bringing what she considers useless trinkets (but we know are rare herb from Lauren’s apartment, Tamsin’s hair and, yes, the Origin Seed). Lauren overheard them and catches the bit about their hush-hush familial bond. I want to be shocked, but I find Lauren’s asymmetrical jacket hem more alarming.

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