“Lost Girl” recap (4.10): I want to be where the people are

Back in the present, Rainer and Bo wander their way Una Mens lair. Una Swinton tells her she has broken their laws once again. Rainer tries some card trick, because that’s how I used to try to break the tension at awkward gatherings, too. But instead Una Swinton calls her a blasphemer and says as punishment they will kill everyone she loves – her claimed human, the doctor, the wolf, the siren – in front of her. And then they’ll kill her.


Apparently the tarot trick only seemed to backfire, because now Rainer has his gift of foresight back. Which makes kicking some Una Ass a lot easier. So they do. A lot. All over the place.

As Team Dumpedubus mops up after a holy mackerel of a case, Dyson calls Lauren a smartypants for figuring out the fresh water would kill them. That’s Dr. Smartypants to you, mister. They actually do make a pretty good team, the three of them. But they can’t help but worry about Bo. She doesn’t write. She doesn’t call. What could she be up to?


Oh, nothing, just systematically executing every single last Una Mens. You know, normal second date stuff. Una Swinton threatens her with a fate far worse than her mother’s. Damned like the spawn of evil that she is. Yeah, I find calling people a “spawn of evil” does not increase their likelihood of wanting to let you live. Alas, Una Swinton, we barely knew you.


All cleaned up from the slaughter, Trick appears at her place. He tells her Rainer will ask her to kill the Una Mens, but he begs her not to. Um, little late for that, grandpa. He says if they are eliminated their power will be amassed in a single seed, the origin seed. The same seed that was stolen from him. And in the wrong hands, well, let’s just go ahead and say it: Oops.


My money for who that bloodied, bandaged hand belongs to is Mossimo. Any other guesses?


Sorry, Kenzi. Ancient warriors and brilliant scientists can’t get with youth vernacular.

Kenzi: Can I get a what-what!

Lauren: What?

Dyson: What?

Kenzi: OK, not what I had in mind.


Oh, please, like I’d miss the opportunity to get a little Dr. Hot Cleavage up in this joint.

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