“Lost Girl” recap (4.10): I want to be where the people are


A bright young woman, sick of swimming, ready to stand has been unceremoniously fished from the pool. She can’t stop talking about Lauren’s legs, but who can blame her. Lauren calls her “beautiful.” Hey, the last person she spontaneously called beautiful she ended up having an on-again, off-again relationship with for four years. Now I’m with Dyson, turn her into sushi. Kidding, kidding–save the dolphins and all that.


But fish fingers says she just wanted to be up where they walk, up where they run to find her brother abandoned her on their merfolk Rumspringa. Sort of like the Amish, mer-people get a chance to leave their world and experience life like everyone else. They get magical legs for a year. She returned like she was supposed to, he kept on walking.


She asks them if they have any idea what it’s like to be locked out like that by someone they love. Gee, that sounds so familiar. I know I’ve heard that somewhere before. Dyson and Lauren share meaningful looks. Oh, right, that’s where.

Little fin cries one more big, salty tear, her 18th, which means she has suffered enough to take a life. But it’s not her brother she has come for. It’s her sister who left her to find their sibling, never to return. So for revenge she took her legs. Uh-oh. That means their client is really a mermaid. And the mermaid is minus two walking sticks. And Kenzi is with the mer-siblings. And she has two perfectly good walking sticks.


Dyson, Lauren and the jilted sis arrive just in time for the sashimi course. They try to talk sense into the two walking fish sticks, but instead the siblings convince little sis to jump out of the pond. They’ll all upgrade their legs thanks to present company. And you thought Ursula the Sea Witch was formidable.

But these cold fish didn’t count on meeting a genius scientist/fisherman. Just call her Dr. Gorton. Lauren unleashes a spray of tap water on the salt-water dwellers. Gonna wash those mermen and mermaids right outta your hair.


We then cut directly to a scene I wish I could spray cold water on. It’s Bo and Rainer in post-coital bliss. Sheesh, who knew butterflies were such good pick-up tools. Wait, is that why I see so many butterfly tramp stamps? (p.s. No slut-shaming intended. Sex is natural, sex is good.)

So, here’s a question. Was all this The Wanderer is Bo’s father hinting really a red herring? Or is this show headed to a pretty twisted Electra complex situation here? If it’s the latter, woo doggie, is Bo going to need a good therapist.


He tells her that her friends are close to getting the compass and soon she’ll forget him. But she has a plan. You know the plan. Send a singer to find her. Mail herself smoky black crow. And sign with the Dark. That was she’ll move heaven and Earth to find out what happened to her, rescue him and break the curse. Then he marks her, as an insurance policy I guess. And it’s back to where we started.

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