“Lost Girl” recap (4.10): I want to be where the people are


Kenz tries to explain her presence, and Darren finds the creeper letters she stole from tad. They each contain a crystalized salt deposit. Now it’s his turn to freak out and he claims his crazed sister is coming to kill him. He also swears all his gams were obtained legally (see, this is why people don’t want to sign their donor cards) and all his life he just wanted to be where the people are. It’s his sister who took the woman’s legs (and also rudely returned them). So Kenzi concocts a plan to catch Flipper with “the best bait in town.”

Yep, she meant Lauren. Which means Lauren is in a swimsuit. Which means Lauren is in a swimsuit in the pool. Which means fangirl blackout in 3, 2, 1…

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You know how they say plenty of fish in the sea? Well not after you Dangle Dr. Hotpants in the water. Every lesbian would happily be caught hook, line, sinker. And so is Sister Salmon.

Speaking of hooked, Bo is still wandering around the Love Train when she finds a blue butterfly under a bell jar. Then we get a flashback within a flashback of Bo as a child crying over the same butterfly. It’s all very symbolic, but for what I have no freaking clue. Can someone Google “blue butterfly” and “mythology” for me? Sorry, sometimes a gal gets worn out researching all the myths and legends on this show.


Fine, I researched it myself. Looks like it’s a Blue Morpho Butterfly which is said to have mystical powers. It is revered by some South American indigenous tribes as source of light and positivity. Still others see it as a trickster or evil sorcerer. Bo touches the one under the glass and it comes to life. Rainer wanders in and marvels at Bo’s feat. “It…is…you,” he stammers. Add a “whoa” in there and he has gone full Keanu.

He yells at her to get off the train now or she’ll miss her stop. But she returns because, um, damaged men are just the hottest? So they make out and Bo at least has the good sense to ask herself, “What am I doing?” What indeed.

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