“Lost Girl” Recap (4.08): Soylent green is candy


One last try to extracting information from Trick only ends up with a confession that gramps hasn’t told her about The Wanderer out of sheer terror. So Bo and Tamsin go to find someone else to pump for information. Since Hale isn’t doing any pumping of his own, he obliges. This isn’t a rip in the space-time continuum, it’s just Krampus who picks some Yule Fools each year to relive the night and feed off their regret.

Hale has put himself through the loop to perfect his “game,” with Kenzi. Of course Kenzi hears this and is hurt because, gross. And Bo hit in the arm for good measure because, besties. But they’ve got more pressing things to worry about because the gas station attendant’s little friend has sucked Tamsin (who was trying to protect her) into the wallpaper of regret (but seriously, what were they thinking) and Bo is off to save her, the day and Christmas.


In the Room of Reconciliation, Lauren and Dyson continue to sloppily sing the wrong lyrics to “Kumbaya.” Vex gives us all the tl;dr version and says while they both still want the same person, they simply don’t hate each other anymore. Now let’s reattach that hand so no more disembodied limbs can grope Lauren.


In our second subplot wrap-up scene, Hale and Kenzi work out his repeat performance deception. He was nervous because he is a love virgin. She forgives him. Big kiss. Big hug. Now, where’s Tamsin?

Bo figures out the gas station is the common denominator in the disappearances and heads there. She jumps into the magic engine block and lands in Willy Wonka’s cannibalistic cousin’s lair. He’s turning the naughty into nice candy. And Tamsin is next.


Tam-Tam tells Bo she wants her to have the first lick of her lollipop. Subtle. But Bo’s in no mood for rotted teeth and uses the knife Hale gave her to jam the machine. Still releasing her doesn’t do anything to release the guilt. Tamsin confesses that she is the reason The Wanderer captured Bo.

She was a bounty hunter back in the day, and The Wanderer hired her to find Bo. But she thought surely the creature he described couldn’t possibly exist: “Eyes both brown and blue. Virtuous, yet lustful. Neither Dark nor Light.” Yet there Bo is real. And now she’s filled with regret for letting that monster find her.


But Bo instantly forgives Tamsin and they hug it out because this episode is the Oprah of hugs. You get a hug! And you get a hug! AND YOU GET A HUG!

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