“Lost Girl” Recap (4.08): Soylent green is candy


A miffed Succubus walks into a party–wait, I think I know this joke. What she finds is a rager in full progress with snogging couples, beer-bonging Bruce and a hustling psychoactive toad Fae. Also there’s Vex–oh, did I mention Vex is back? Because he is, no explanation required because there he is minus one hand and plus one of Bo’s corsets. p.s. Not to be rude, I am sure the special effects budget is stretched to the max each week turning brown eyes blue and dudes into wolves, but could it be any more obvious that Paul Amos’ actual hand is still under there?


Equally stumped (see what I did there?) are Dyson and Lauren whose on-again, off-again rivalry/bromance continues as they are alone together in Bo’s bedroom pondering what to do with her box. Oh, please–like I wasn’t going to make that joke. The mystery box was sent to the Dark Archives by Bo herself and its contents are giving them both pause.

Lauren says she shouldn’t have opened it and Dyson thinks they shouldn’t give it to her and Lauren insists they shouldn’t tell her about it. But we can at least all agree it’s Dyson’s fault. Also, that they’re going to need more booze.


So, I don’t know about you, but it’s going to take a hot minute for me to get used to Kenzi and Hale making out. I appreciate this whole slow-burn romance thing they’ve built up, but now that it’s here I still can’t shake the brother-and-sister vibe I get seeing them together. Unless that’s on purpose and someone in the writers’ room was a huge Flowers in the Attic fan. Kenzi interrupts their macking to say her Kenzi Sense is tingling. No, not down there. Hale tries to make sexy talk about flatulence and tanks, and then promptly promises to do better next time.

I immediately ignore what seemed like an off-handed comment because oh sweet merciful Zeus, TAMSIN IS BACK. Yes, there she is (in leather, no less) walking across the room at the party like she hasn’t even been gone for two episodes. She strides up to Bo and promptly plants a huge smackeroo right on her. This is not a drill, people. Valkubus is back.


Bo is like, what the what and Tamsin is all, don’t worry you won’t remember it in 2 seconds and someone throws a beach ball into some glasses and “Opa!” Bo’s back alone in the dark in her car and that damn song is on the radio. Apparently Bill Murray was not available for a cameo this episode. Nor Andie MacDowell.

She goes back upstairs and it’s snoggers, bongers, froggers all over again. Tamsin tells her they’re stuck in a loop and reliving the same night over and over again. But this time it changed, just a little, when Bo and her kissed. So, you know, why not try again–for science.


Bo says it did “nada,” but Tamsin tells her to speak for herself. Oh, you didn’t think I’d catch that? I totally caught that. Tamsin recovers and suggests trying it with someone she has more of a connection–Lauren, Dyson? But Bo says they’re acting “weird” and here comes that damn beach ball.

Bo decides to just go with it treat the night as the never-ending party it is, her and Tam-Tam get down to the business. Not that business, not yet. Arm wrestling sasquatches business, chugging pony kegs business. OK, now it’s time for that business. In the middle of the room. In front of everyone. Wait, don’t cut away. I mean, Doccubus 4 Lyfe. But seriously, did that just happen?


Do hook-ups in the midst of quantum time loops count? Asking for a friend.

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