“Lost Girl” Recap (4.08): Soylent green is candy


Of course Hale has to come and quite literally snap them and us out of communal lust. Who knew Sirens were such party poopers. Having successfully removed some Under Fae’s guts form her grill while out on yet another unsuccessful mission to find the other Hell Shoe, Bo goes into the gas station to pay for the car wash. This being Canada, the attendant tells her to leave the cash on the counter because of friendliness and maple syrup. What, aren’t those Canada’s two biggest exports?

Bo does just that, and grabs a gum drop on the way out for good measure. But you know what they say about beware strangers bearing candy? It applies to Canada, too.


Hale and Dyson share schoolboy glee about the impending Yule night festivities and their shared fear of Krampus. Bo asks, “Who’s got cramped ass?” along with most Americans watching along. Forget a dumb lump of coal, folks. Human (and apparently Fae) children who grew up in countries that believed in Krampus feared a horned Christmas devil who would beat bad children with switches and carry them away in his sack to the underworld.

Bo pops the gum drop defiantly into her mouth anyway, because she is the naughty list. Then she yawns, hands the keys over and vows to get out of her wet clothes. The bromance ends unceremoniously as Lauren and Dyson fight to get into the back seat with her. Lauren wins out because fandom demands it. And a merry Yule to us all.


Next thing we know, despite Kenzi’s insistence to the gang they shower her with love and support, Bo wakes up alone in the dark still in her car. Also there’s a song about not forgetting about me playing on the radio and we all know this show loves its symbolic use of music.

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