“Lost Girl” recap (4.07): Draw me like one of your French girls


In Bo’s version of Dyson’s memories, she has just buried Flora/Lauren and promised to hide the Hell Shoes so the same thing can never befall anyone else. But then who should emerge but Lauren, modern Lauren. You can see how a gal could get confused. Lauren tells Bo it’s time to wake up and cut the string. But Bo keeps seeing the coach and this time he has Dyson’s championship belt. Kenzi’s there, too, with fudgey nut ice cream. Of all the things that have happened in this crazy acid trip of a time warp memory jump, that actually makes sense. Of course she comes bearing ice cream, of course.


But now Bo gets it. Dyson has hidden the Hell Score in his championship belt. And she unties her string only to wake up next to an unconscious Lauren. She goes to untie her string, but sees what Lauren has written on the mirror – “Don’t cut the Red String.” So how will she wake her up? Like all good Disney princes wake up their princesses. With a kiss.


Granted, she’s a succubus and her kisses do tend to pack quite a punch. But one little kiss does the trick and Lauren awakens. She’s a little confused and wants to make sure Bo is still Bo so she implores her to say something. Bo says, “I know how to save Dyson.” Yep, still Bo.

Una Swinton and the Mensy Bunch are back from searching Dyson’s hiding place. But they did not find the Hell Score. Instead Bo and Lauren swoop in with the prophetic footwear, having gotten to it first. Considering it was wrapped in one of Dyson’s old jockstraps, I’m not sure if it still counts as winning. Still Bo demands Dyson and Kenzi’s freedom for the old shoe. Then a familiar voice goes all Latin on us from behind the executioner’s mask. It’s the man who killed Flora, and he was working for the Una Mens all along. So they killed Flora, and knew Dyson hadn’t killed those people. Una Swinton, you got some ‘splaining to do.


Back at the Dal the group savors the sweet taste of freedom with, what else, some congratulations-you-weren’t-executed hotdogs. Lauren, the Lauren we love not the very entertaining French floozy we just met, complains about not being able to walk and keep mustard off herself at the same time. And Kenzi gets all nostalgic about having the gang back together. Bo says the Red String of Fate has been tied around all of them. And Lauren is like, “Really? Because I prefer twosomes to threesomes.”

Bo turns to Dyson to see what the quiet wolf is thinking. He makes a really bad sex joke and then Bo responds saying their minds work well together. And Lauren is like, “Seriously? I’m a Nobel-level genius scientist who can sing in fluent French. That’s a real beautiful mind.” But, you know, in her head.


Kenzi asks Dyson what happened after he buried Flora. He went to see Trick, who tells him he is destined to be a hero. He says, together, they can start a new Fae colony without all the war and bloodshed. And he also lets slip that, no biggie, I’m totally the Blood King. Dyson swears fealty to him and here we are 114 years later.


Dyson calls Trick his savior and Bo finally calls bullshit on all of his secrets. Why hasn’t Trick told her more? Why hasn’t Trick helped her find out why she was taken? Kenzi has her back and says he hasn’t because he is scared of something, someone. So out little Bo-Bo says she’s done waiting. It’s time to figure out this Wanderer business once and for all.

She asks Dyson where the second shoe is. He gave it to Angel the barmaid, who was also a shifter and told her to run. For a second I’m really excited because I think we’ll be seeing more of Kenzi in that angel getup. But still, I’m a might curious about who is going to be wearing those wings. Dyson says she’ll be waiting for the true hero. And Bo says she’d better be ready, because here she comes. Cue inspirational Rocky music.


Well, it’s really not a terrible way to die.

“I always imagined I’d go hotel poolside. You know, Twizzler in one hand, Liam Neeson in the other.”


Dr. Hot Bustier has a certain je ne sais quoi about it, non?

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