“Lost Girl” recap (4.07): Draw me like one of your French girls


I bet this whole episode was kind of a blast for the actors, especially Zoie. She gets to sing and smolder and say everything in that flirty French accent. Also she gets to finally go badass with something other than her brain.


Claws are flying, and not in that stereotypically sexist catfight way. I mean, the lady has claws. But Bo has her own secret weapon. She has a wolf. So WolverLauren and WolfBo throw down.


But one hug – well, more like emphatic embrace – finally snaps Lauren/Flora out of her homicidal rage and she’s back to her soft brown eyes which are now filled with regret. Bo/Dyson says it’s not her, it’s the shoes. He tells Flora he loves her, but she knows better. His love is yet to come. And when she does she will… A shot rings out and we’ll never know what she’ll do. Because Flora is dead.

Real Lauren is doing everything she can to wake Bo up out of Dyson’s memories. She considers untying her string herself. But then decides to do something even crazier. She tied the Oracle’s string around her own ankle and comes in. Well, I guess it’s only fair Lauren gets to be inside Dyson for a change. Ahem.


She scribbles something on the mirror and hopes aloud that Bo will see it. But what Bo sees is Flora’s body and the man who killed her, the man who was consorting with the prince in the cabaret earlier and is after the shoes. He says he has been instructed by “them” to get the shoes at whatever the cost. He says “they” are counting on everyone believing it was Dyson who killed all those people because of his reputation. And then he lays a heavy guilt trip on Dyson. How his whole life has been stealing and screwing and he should just run like he always does. He says his actions killed Flora, and Dyson agrees. But Dysons doesn’t run. And he doesn’t give up the shoes. He says “they” will have to kill him first.

But it doesn’t get to that because Ninja Trick is back with his trusty bow staff. Man, why doesn’t modern-day Trick keep one of those around. He’s darn handy with that thing. But he’s not after the shoes, he just wants to know if Dyson wants to be his travel buddy to the New World.

While Bo is living Dyson’s memories, Dyson is recounting them to Kenzi. He’s still filled with guilt about Flora’s death and his feckless past. But he might not have to worry that much longer because Una Swinton and the Mensy Bunch arrive to execute the execution. Una Swinton drones out a Latin phrase, “Mortis invenio in unitate,” which the bad Fae who killed Lauren also said to Dyson. I’m no Latin scholar, but I think it translates roughly to “find unity in death.” If that’s wrong, blame Google Translate.


Una Swinton asks Dyson if he has any last words. Kenzi accidentally steals them with copious, oh God, oh God, oh Gods. But then Dyson finds a few words after all and offers a trade. The Hell Shoes for Kenzi’s freedom. He has kept one, after all these years, in his possession. And if they release Kenzi he’ll reveal the location of the second.

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