“Lost Girl” recap (4.07): Draw me like one of your French girls


Then, quite literally, Lauren invites Bo to “explore my land.” And, heavens, do they ever explore.


Over the magnificent hills.


Into the uncharted woods.


To brave new worlds they go.


OK, so it’s best not to look in the mirror lest we realize Dyson is actually doing this to Lauren. So, yeah, this is happening. But for purely investigative purposes, or something.

Welcome to Lost Girl, the show determined to let us see exactly what each and every insane crackship that comes out of fandom’s fever dreams looks like in living color.


The real Lauren is still monitoring the memory spelunkers as Bo’s heart rate increases. Lauren wishes aloud she could see what Bo was seeing. Girl, you’d better think twice about that. Then Bo moans Lauren’s name and the good doctor catches on with a smile. Yep, even in Dyson’s subconscious Bo is thinking about her. Score one for the doctor. Unless, of course, it’s actually Dyson thinking about her. Lauren’s face goes from the comedy mask to the tragedy mask in a split second.

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