“Lost Girl” recap (4.07): Draw me like one of your French girls


What happens next proves that Lost Girl understands – like really, truly understands – its fanbase. Because next we see Zoie Palmer in a silky bustier corset and fishnet thigh highs singing in French. IN FRENCH. Yes, lesbian fandom, there is a Santa Claus.


Bo likes it. Dyson likes it. Little Dyson likes it. I like it. You like it. Also, in case you were wondering, yes, that’s really Zoie singing. Show runner Emily Andras has confirmed it so you can now swoon just that much harder at The Palmer. C’est magnifique!


Bo/Dyson is enjoying her trip through the subconscious when an unseen force draws her away, much to her chagrin. But Flora/Lauren isn’t done singing yet – in French! Never before have I sympathized with a fictional character so completely.

In the present, Hale is pleading for Dyson’s life before the Una Mens. They’re unconvinced, and even more pissed when Kenzi’s ringtone interrupts the proceedings. So Kenz gets thrown into the slammer and slated for execution along with Dyson. See, this is why I always set my phone to vibrate – among other reasons.

Meanwhile Bo/Dyson has snuck into Lauren/Flora’s dressing room. She greets his arrival with a knife to the chest, then a kiss, then a slap, then more kissing. It’s like Doccubus shippers’ internal monologue during this episode. Bo is kissing Lauren, I love it! Dyson is kissing Lauren, I hate it! Wait, I’m so confused. Oh, just go with it.


Bo/Dyson tells Lauren/Flora about the prince and how he’s carrying more than just coin – he’s got some very special shoes. This gets Lauren/Flora intrigued, and her eyelash batting at Bo/Dyson cranks up to 11. She declares the shoes her way out and convinces Bo/Dyson to help her and split the profits. It doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing this while she proposes the deal.

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