“Lost Girl” recap (4.06): Don’t give me no lip, woman


AHHHHHHH! And that, that was Scream No. 2. Because Lauren gets up purposefully from the couch, strides over confidently to Evony and kisses her. Kisses her right on the mouth. Wait, Lauren kissed Evony? AHHHHHHHHH!


I’m so incredibly confused. What just happened? It’s like the writers were up late one night reading crackship fiction and were like, yeah, this will really fuck with their heads. And it is, it really, really is. Like, my brain is saying, “No. Run. EVIL.” But my lower body is saying, “Lauren is hot. Evony is hot. Shut up and watch.”


Evony pulls away, almost as surprised as we are, and says this is the beginning of a beautiful “something.” The Morrigan declares Lauren Team Dark and makes her leave. We’re left with our jaws still on the floor wondering if we all just had a mass hallucination.

But then, oh you tricky, tricky humans, Lauren strides over to her desk just as confidently. AHHHHHHHH-HA! Yes, Scream No. 3 has arrived. Lauren pulls out a mirror, petri dish and pair of tweezers. And then she slowly lifts a film off her lips and places it under glass. Vindication! We’re not all crazy. Lauren is just that crazy smart.


She smiles and toasts herself. “To … it beginning.” But what is “It? Because I don’t think she just means her time with the Dark. I think the good doctor has a much larger, much grander plan in mind. And I think we’re all going to bow in awe of its masterfulness. Or, alternately, she’s just really drunk. Nah, its probably the former.

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