“Lost Girl” recap (4.06): Don’t give me no lip, woman

So many star-crossed lovers, so little time. The wannabe bomber and songbird are in love, or so she thinks. He actually wants her to sing a death note to kill all of the rich douche’s kind. Another day, another blood feud. This being a super-sonic episode, Hale comes in to help save the day but they all end up in danger instead. Sirens and songbirds and Soul Train, oh my!


Realizing she has been deceived, Ianka sings the death note for her would-be lover/bomber instead. It sends Kenz into a fit, too. And, just for good measure, kills the songstress herself. She’s finally free. Man, this episode is like an opera.


Kenzi wakes up with Hale by her side. And finally, finally, we find a reason to love Kale.


Of course, this being Lost Girl and no one on Lost Girl being able to just be open and honest while in relationships, Hale keeps it from Kenzi thank Ianka’s death note made his ears, quite literally, bleed. So I guess per the Russian stink eye bad things will now happen to his junk. Well, other than the bad things being caused by those crazy tight pants.

Before she died, Ianka gave Bo a little mystical iPod which she now opens. The notes bring her back to her magical mystery nightie days. She sees herself in a mirror. She sees herself in a mirror with a wicked glowing handprint. OK, so her dad’s also an abuser? This Wanderer/Rainer guy is long overdue a visit from social services.


Meanwhile, the “I love you, man” portion of Lauren and Evony’s boozy night has begun. There’s talk of masks worn to protect oneself, sycophants, assassins. You know, girl talk. I’m still having a really hard time believing this whole kinder, gentler, let’s braid hair and do each other nails Morrigan act.

Evony hands Lauren an all-access key to the Dark Science and Research Facility. Lauren says she won’t sign anything. Evony says she’s not asking her, because Lauren is a brilliant woman who should “own it, girlfriend.” Lauren reaches out and takes the key, letting her hand linger on Evony’s a beat – or three – too long.


Lauren tells Evony she’ll never trust her. Evony tells Lauren she wouldn’t respect her if she did. Evony says their trust is built on Lauren having seen her eat pizza and declares the night as “fun, right?” It’s weird and flirty. Why is everything so weird and flirty all of a sudden?

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