“Lost Girl” recap (4.06): Don’t give me no lip, woman


An impromptu concert is being set up in the Dal. Kenzi is there, and lights up when Hale arrives. But he’s just there to see Ianka. So is Bo, who knows she’s the key to her memories. Poor Kenz, her love life always gets back burnered by little things like memory loss and pending apocalypses.

The curtain opens and pretty music and memories flood everyone in the audience. Bo sees herself in her magical mystery nightie again and a crown and the train. But then some guy bursts in and stops the performance, saying he’s wired her with a bomb. I don’t know, it’s a little overly complicated but bottom line – the rich douche’s clan and the wannabe bomber’s clan have been fighting over owning Ianka for generations. Yes, yes – impending explosion and death. Can we get back to the crazy frienemy situation happening at Lauren’s apartment please?


It’s so weird. I think Evony is giggling. I know Lauren is giggling. And she’s also doing her best “Doctor’s Log: Stardate” impersonation. Can we please have a DVD extra of Zoie Palmer in a Starfleet uniform doing a full doctor’s log? Hell, I’m not even that much of a Trek person (Star Wars, yo), but I know that’s nerdgasm central.

Lauren jokes about the suspiciously human Evony a.k.a. Morrigan. I’m more suspicious about what’s in the beer. But, according to the label, it’s just a suspiciously high alcohol content. Like I keep saying, the Dark know how to party.


Kenzi arrives in the doorway and voices all of our unspoken concerns. Yo, Alternate Reality Lauren, where’s the Real Lauren? She’s looking for liquid argon to nullify the explosive qualities of Ianka’s Atlantian crystal necklace and also be a voice of reason in this whole Lauren + Evony = BFFS 4EVA situation.

Kenzi gives her best incredulous face as Lauren giddily tells her about the loft in the city Evony helped her find. She tells her to not drink the Kool-Aid or put on any matching tracksuits. She also gives a quick rundown of Bo’s recent escapades: smoke, gargoyles, crystal-clear Atlantian quartz. Also, there’s the part about everyone missing Lauren. Lauren, being Lauren, gets hung up on the crystal-clear part. Someone make that girl a T-shirt that says “Pizza. Beer. Science.”


Bo and Dyson are trying to find out more about their would-be bomber. They listen in on their conversation and the two sound more like secret lovebirds than terrorist and his captive. Then the bomber realizes they’re being watched and sets off the necklace – supposedly. But instead of going boom, it goes bust because as Lauren noted clear Atlantian crystal has already lost its pizzaz. Kenzi returns and her and Bo exchange white lies about their intendeds.

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