“Lost Girl” recap (4.06): Don’t give me no lip, woman

At the Dal, Bo is waiting for the rare songbird to sing. So to pass the time she turns to another animal. The Wolf is back. But he does not keep up with his Twitter feed because not only does he think he’s breaking news that Lauren has switched to Team Dark, he’s also in the dark about Bo’s new allegiances.

Dyson: Bummer about your ex going Dark. Wanna do it instead?

Bo: Sure, but I’m Dark, too.

Dyson: It’s forbidden, oops, there went my shirt.

Bo: Oh, p.s., I’m a top now. Just ask Lauren.


Trick walks in, mercifully, and puts an end to the Light/Dark fraternization. Ianka is awake, anyway, so Bo has better things to do than get fleas. She tells her Bo gave her the inspiration to escape after she sang for her. And that Bo promised to help her win her freedom in exchange for help with her memories.

Ianka has been kept by some rich douche bag as his own personal songbird. But without an audience, she cannot feed. All she wants is to be able to sing her famous aria again, etc. etc. In case you haven’t noticed, freedom is a big theme this season – really, every season.

Back at the Light to Dark party, Lauren is browsing through the personal and professional journals of Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Evony sure knows what to get a gal for a housewarming gift. And there are hundreds more in the Dark Fae Archives. Also, it’s strongly implied they were all Fae, or maybe not.


Lauren and Evony get into a theological discussion of the morality and ethics of experimenting on humans. It’s pretty hot, if you’re into smart ladies talking about the scientific process. Evony wants Lauren to feel free to do what she wants. Lauren wants to know what the catch is. Evony says no catch, drink this beer. I want to be Mulder in this situation and believe, but I’m more like Scully with a furrowed brow. Though, heavens, that beer does look good.

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