“Lost Girl” recap (4.05): Put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it


Lauren says the Dark offer her protection and give her the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Do I have to pull out the Rizzoli a second time? Really? Really? Sure, the Light Fae trapped you into becoming their servant with the whole cursed nail and everything. But basically everything Evony has ever said ever has been a lie or manipulation.


OK, so are we sure this isn’t some evil sex robot Lauren? Because the way she’s going on about choosing her own cage and isn’t it great they’re both Dark now I have to think something is up. So does Bo, because she tells her when she’s ready to come back to her real family to look her up. Well, that was the shortest non-break ever.

Bo goes to drown her sorrows in the bottom of a whiskey glass with Trick. Grandpa Light and granddaughter Dark have a good chuckle over their familial dysfunction. Could be worse, a branch of my family are born-again Christians. But while they drink, under the watchful middle finger of Vex’s severed appendage, Trick’s magic bean has been stolen. Get ready for Gremlins and/or a beanstalk. And then the Una Mens look up this Rainer fellow for themselves. What Una Swinton finds out makes them blanch. Well, I think she blanches. They’re pretty pale, living in their subterranean lair and all. “Never again,” she says. Yeah, lady, that’s what I said about the first Lauren/Bo break, but look how that turned out.


Our gal Kenz always knows what’s important – proper accessorizing.

“If you’re Dark does that mean I’m Dark, too? Because I am going to need like a serious image upgrade. We should talk clothing allowance.”


Girl, I know the feeling. Sometimes those babies bring me to my knees, too.

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