“Lost Girl” recap (4.05): Put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it


Kenzi and Tamsin are still at the party, partly to help Bruce and partly because there are still plenty of appetizers left to stuff into their pockets. Bruce tells them he was made slave to another, super-mean Dark Fae as punishment for helping Kenzi.


Bruce, dude, I’m going to need to see your license. There’s no way those guns can be street legal.

I know folks ship Kenzi and Hale, but I’ve always wanted Bruce and her to become a thing. I mean the size dichotomy alone makes for excellent comedy. Though right now, they’re more concerned about how to get the big guy out of this big mess. The only way for him to be released from his indentured servitude is for another Fae to become his master and take responsibility of him until his punishment is over. So of course this gives Kenzi the bright idea to have Tamsin become his master.

Tamsin bops on up to the DJ booth and declares her mastery of Bruce, and calls his old master a big donghead for good measure. Girl, for a Harbinger of Death, you need to work on those insults. What our gals didn’t realize, of course, is that there has to be a duel to the death before mastery can be taken over. Details, smetails. Also, this is Bruce’s master. She looks like the bad-ass offspring of Tara and Lafayette from True Blood.


While Bo and Lauren wait for Pietra to lure Vex in, they finally have their talk. Sure, this seems like a good time. I always like to have important and potentially volatile relationship talks while holding a syringe full of a powerful paralytic drug that Socrates often used as a hallucinogenic. By all means, let’s talk about that “break” now.


p.s. Mmmm, Palmer Arms, how I’ve missed you.

Their talk gets interrupted by a human marionette who comes for the blade.  Bo runs after her to find Vex and Lauren stays to attend to Pietra’s grievous battle wound bruised shin. She’s a sad little thing, but she’s Team Doccubus so perhaps we can forgive that little murder thing earlier. All’s fair in love and ships.

Things go badly once Bo finds Vex, because things always go badly before they go well. I mean, they have to find some way to fill an hour. He jabs her with the drug instead. When she comes to Vex is brewing up a potion and blathering on about the irony of being box blocked by her ex’s “pointy thing.” Joke’s on you, buddy. I don’t think they even use a pointy thing. I mean, sure, maybe sometimes – to spice things up. I’m not adverse to it. And now I’m thinking about Dr. Hotpants strapping on and…. Yep, I’ll be in my bunk.


While Vex is finishing his strange brew, a potion to help him amputate his poisoned–and warty–right hand, Bo can’t stop talking about Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. They were just on a break, now they’re back, listen to the song of her heart. Unlike Pietra, Vex is apparently not Team Lauren because he stuffs a rag into Bo’s mouth to get her to stop carrying on about their great love. This must be what Dybo shippers must feel like all the time.

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