“Lost Girl” recap (4.05): Put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it


Evony slinks in, with possibly another albeit better wig, and offers up a human buffet to Bo. She promptly dismisses the food–perhaps she’s on a Paleo diet–and tells Evony to not get too used to her company. She’s looking for Vex. You know how the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Well, they both want Vex so Evony offers her resources to catch him and appease the Una Mens. She says she’s Bo’s friend. She says she’ll prove what kind of friend she can be.

Who am I kidding? You’ve skipped the last nine paragraphs and went straight for the good stuff, haven’t you? I could have written, “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog…” for pages and pages and you would never have noticed. Fine. You win. I won’t make you wait one second longer.


And the lesbian panties go BOOM. Who should stroll across the lawn other than a sun-dappled Lauren. But this isn’t just Dr. Lauren Lewis. This is Dr. Lauren Lewis in a flowing little black dress with the wind gently blowing her lustrous golden hair. She seems lit from within. She seems perfect. She is perfect. You know in cartoons when characters rub their eyes with accompanying wiper sounds in order to prove something that seems too good to be true is really true? Yeah, it’s like that.

Inside now, they stare at each other for a beat. They agree they have a lot to talk about. And then they make out like horny teenagers underneath the bleachers. But, unlike horny teenagers, these ladies know exactly what they’re doing. There’s no clumsiness, no fumbling. This is ripped from the pages of steamy romance novels stuff, people. We’re talking taking her from behind. We’re talking over the shoulder kisses. We’re talking leave the mini-quiche tray because we’re going to need it later to refuel for the second round.

121113lostgirl7 121113lostgirl8 121113lostgirl9

Let’s just watch it in an endless loop together until we pass out from sheer bliss, shall we?

121113lostgirl10 121113lostgirl11 121113lostgirl12

Yes, it required three screencaps and three gifs. Hell, it was hard to post only three of each. Also, if you didn’t feel at least a twinge of solidarity with the waiter who takes his time backing away slowly after leaving the mini-quiches, you’re lying to yourself. We’re all just hanging out in that doorway pretending we’re not pervy bastards, too.


Yeah, I snuck one more screencap in. So sue me.

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