“Lost Girl” Recap (4.04): The Wind Beneath Her Wings


Tamsin wants to end Mossimo, but Bo convinces her he’s not worth it. So, in a moment that will be gif-ed for eternity by Valkubus fans, Bo embraces Tamsin with the pure glow of love.


Tamsin pulls away, the anger gone, and says softly, “That’s what love feels like.” Yep, plenty of air left in that ship’s sails.


Bo sends off Tamsin, because children shouldn’t be made to do the dirty work and focuses her attention on Mossimo. He scrambles to retrieve a lock of Tamsin’s hair, because he’s creepy and that’s what creepy people do.

He’s still in awe of Tamsin, which I can understand because that was a damn impressive display. The wings, he informs Bo, mean this is her last life. I know, but don’t get teary. Valkyries live for, what, eons? We’ve got time, folks.


Bo gives Mossimo her killer kiss, only to discover he is human. He’s a sad, little human with delusions of Fae grandeur who spits a little when he’s angry. So now he’s both pathetic and gross, always a winning combo. Bo tells him to never come near Tamsin or Kenzi again. He can’t understand because Kenzi is just a human, but Bo corrects him. She’s family, bitch.

She takes Tamsin’s hair from him, and he starts whimpering and begging for it back. He says his “mommy” needs it and he needs her to need him. Don’t worry, I know the writers will tell us what these outsized mommy issues are all about soon. I mean, they finally told us who killed Jenny. They know how to wrap up a storyline.


Bo throws the hair into Mossimo’s lava pit. He slouches and pouts that says he’ll need to go get it. Then jumps in after it. Bo is horrified, but then a little smile cracks her lips. Hm, maybe this Bo is different. Also, I’m pretty sure that’s not the last we’ve seen of that big Druid crybaby.

We next see Bo she is working on her fitness in the boxing gym again, but this time blessedly solo. Well, solo sparring, because Kenzi is there filled with sorrow and regret. Bo tells her she’s not mad about Dyson. Kenzi is the person she knows will never betray her, hence her ability to seal the potion. Kissing some dumb boy, that meant nothing. Family sticks together.


At the Suck Shack Dyson is telling Tamsin a remarkably familiar bedtime story about a princess with wings. Kenzi runs in and we finally get to see her bedroom. She doesn’t sleep in the bathtub after all. Well, except for all-you-can-eat rib Tuesdays. Girl, I feel you. Dyson tells her she can do anything she wants, and can have a place among the Fae. He can even teach her how. Hold up, is he the Druid now? He promises to teach her when the time is right. Sheesh, can you vague that up a little more? Then he confesses his Terrible Awful to her. He’s lost Lauren and she’s in danger. He says he has to find her. Yeah, Wolf Boy, you do. She saved your bacon, and delivered you a delicious meal. You owe her big time.

Bo has decided she had had enough of being stalked by gargoyles, and goes to see the Una Mens on her own in their moist headquarters. They’re quietly terrifying, but mostly because they keep using the royal “We” when talking. Bo says they should put up or shut up about her. They say they don’t care about her anymore because she’s no longer unaligned. Who now, what now, aligned now? Her blood, it seems, has spoken.


But which side, WHICH SIDE? Dark, says the androgynous little sister of Tilda Swinton. Well, Bo does look good in black.


I’m going to tell my doctor this next time I need a migraine prescription.

“I’m done with the kiddie toys. It’s Tonka Truck time.”


Such an embarrassment of riches, I almost couldn’t pick. Almost. But who can resist a twofer?

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