“Lost Girl” Recap (4.04): The Wind Beneath Her Wings


In Lauren’s Lauren-less apartment, Bo and Kenzi are herb hunting. Bo is also searching for answers to her and Lauren’s relationship. Like why would she associate herself with a sociopath like Taft? Ultimately she says their whole relationship boiled down to not knowing. Kenzi comes to Dr. Hotpants’ defense, calling her “one of the good ones.” Yes, her full conversion to Team Lauren is officially complete.

Bo notes her allegiance shift from Wolf to Doctor, because no one misses a thing in this fandom. Then she also notices the black file folder Taft brought over with all his intel on Karen Beattie. Inside is a treasure trove of more information, like Karen participated in anti-government protests and organized protests of prison sentences and government restrictions on scientific research. We learn she is fluent in Spanish, French and Swahili and was trained by a military organization. Also, we now know Lauren’s birthday is June 5, 1981. So, you know, send cards accordingly.


This sends Bo into a tailspin about their relationship and whether she even knew Lauren/Karen at all. So, naturally, she goes for the booze. Kenzi tries to comfort her, but you have to admit it’s hard to be comforted when you’re hanging out in your ex-girlfriend’s apartment and finding weird shit.

Bo gets all existential and asks what is it that makes everyone in her life lie to her. Except Kenzi, she adds. Kenzi would never lie and/or make out with her ex-boyfriend. I’d say liar, liar pants on fire, but the blue flames that erupt from the doorway as they try to leave kind of makes my point for me.


In Law & Order: Babysitters Club, Dyson has enlisted Tamsin to help with his search for Lauren by tracking her phone records. She’s having the time of her life using highlighters and stealing Dyson’s sidearm. She asks Dyson if she was a good cop. Dyson says she was tough and a real “monster” on a bad day. Well, at least she never had fleas.

Tamsin’s insecurity complex takes over and she goes on and on about being “hideous.” Dyson tries to make nice by saying he meant monster in a good way. To which Tamsin snaps back, “That doesn’t even make sense!” Well, she has a point.


Tamsin asks Dyson if Bo is his girlfriend. He tells her no, then goes on about a lady in a tree who took his love away and how when he got it back she had a girlfriend. I kind of want to scream, “That doesn’t even make sense” back at the TV, but it actually does. Because it’s Lost Girl and shit like that happens every other Tuesday. It’s called continuity, Glee. Take notes.

The Vulnerable Valkyrie asks Dyson what love feels like. He tells her she’ll know it when she feels it and let’s his sensitive side shine through for a split second before going all Alpha Dog again and telling her to ask the womenfolk about this touchy feeling business.


Bo and Kenzi are still puzzling over how to get out of Lauren’s apartment. Mossimo has trapped them inside and Kenz can’t leave either until her Fae loaner powers wear off. Bo asks if anything will speed up the process and Kenzi says a shower. But it’s a good hair day, you know. Then she disparages Lauren’s conditioner. Whoa, whoa, whoa. No one insults The Hair. I mean, we just got it back. Unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable.

Bo agrees and dumps a bucket of water on Kenzi’s head for her transgression. Or, at least, that’s how I interpreted it.


Kenzi leaves to go find the necessary items needed to undo the ring of fire. Alone in Lauren’s apartment, Bo rummages through drawers because that’s not the invasion of an ex-girlfriend’s privacy or anything. She finds a giftbox with a note attached. Bo reads it out loud: “For giving me the freedom to love. And I do.” I might add that it also says “Forever.” Not that I went frame-by-frame in slow motion while rotating or blowing up the images or anything.

Inside Bo finds a necklace. We can’t see the pendant, because Bo clutches it tight to her chest. Please don’t make this necklace like that damn Pulp Fiction briefcase. I need to know what the pendant looks like, people.

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