“Lost Girl” recap (4.02): All Aboard the Love Train


Tiny Tam rummages through one of the crates Trick left and finds, will you look at that, she finds The Wanderer tarot card. It burst into flames but finally, finally, they have a real clue to Bo’s whereabouts. Fine, so Mini T was good for one thing. p.s. Don’t think I missed Kenzi saying “Holy dildos” when the card burst into flames. Because I heard it, loved it and plan to incorporate it into my daily vocabulary.

In the Diner of New Identities, Lauren/Amber/Karen sees a newspaper picture of a woman who looks vaguely, not really, like Bo and drops her tray. It’s so Lauren, it’s adorable. Those boots, however, are a little less Lauren. But hot, really hot.


Also hot? Crystal rushing over to help our little Dr. Butterfingers. She knows Lauren/Amber/Karen has never waited tables a day in her life. But she also knows Lauren/Amber/Karen is cute and funny and sexy. Hey, I’m a Doccubus shipper and all that. But you can’t blame a girl for hitting on Lauren/Amber/Karen – even with that hair.


Lauren/Amber/Karen replies with a, “You think I’m funny?” Come on, come on. It’s like Zoie Palmer’s adorability index has no upper limit. From cute, sexy and funny she blushes at “funny.” Sigh. Proceed. Just know that Zoie has already thrown down hard in her campaign for the AfterEllen Hot 100 list with that little head dip–even with that hair.


Sadly, not sadly (I have such conflicted Big Lesbian Feelings), she turns down Crystal’s invitation for after-work drinks and rushes off.

Back in a less adorable, more convoluted subplot Dyson is still chasing after the tracker, but finds a naked painting of Selene instead. Have fun editing that out, Syfy. He rips open the door lock only to find Eddie in a coma. Selene has put him in it because, I don’t really know, he’s cute when he sleeps?

Dyson and Selene exchange uncomfortably aggressive/sexual threats/advances about waking Eddie up. It’s weird and borders on a little rapey, which isn’t a word but is perfectly descriptive of this whole scene. Selene says something about a kiss, Dyson remembers the spray. Then he forces her to kiss Eddie, who wakes up and promptly elbows Selene in the face and knocks her out while calling her a “harlot.” Yeah, this has not been my favorite sequence of events in the Lost Girl universe.


Bo is still in her other universe, call it the Interdimensional Orient Express. She’s trying to pick the lock to her room, and then briefly remembers Kenzi. So I guess she got mind-wiped, too. A nurse rushes in talking about how she’ll anger “him.” From the roar that follows I’m going to assume he is a dragon and/or demon god and/or train conductor. A Dragon Demon the Tank Engine, of sorts.

A fully awakened and clothed Eddie is just a barrel of old-timey fun who enjoys mead drinking, mutton eating and woman beating. He wants Dyson to describe Bo, or at least his FEELINGS about Bo. Dyson tells him her heart is her own, and belongs to Lauren. So Mr. Misogynistic calls Bo a strumpet and even the Alpha Wolf has had enough. He doesn’t exactly earn a “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt, but at least he gets Eddie to shut up with his chauvinism.


Dyson finally gets around to showing Eddie their one actual clue, and Eddie’s all, “Whoa, yeah, she’s in some serious shit. I’m out.” But then Dyson spills his FEELINGS about Bo and Eddie says now they’re getting somewhere and Hale calls him brave and Dyson says he should tell Kenzi how he feels and…. Sheesh. So much touchy-feely boy drama. Can’t we just get to the girls kicking ass stuff again?

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