“Lost Girl” recap (4.1): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bo

Meanwhile, back in the ballroom Vex arrives in his best Haus of Gaga (yes, this time the meat dress kind) knockoff. I appreciate a fella with flourish. He goes on about wanting The Wolf. I’m not entirely sure why he’s going about it in such a public way, but I do love his shoes.


You see, Vex figured out their collective memory loss ages ago. And he’s not keen to remember a world where he isn’t in power. So instead of letting that happen he wants to stop Kenzi & Company. This leads to a lot of macho/androgynous male posturing. Then Hale steps in and it’s a Siren-Mesmer off. But Hale gets the upper hand with the diabolical deployment of Evanescence music. Could be worse, coulda gone Nickelback.


Dyson rushes in and spears the collector before he can make a Scooby snack of our Kenz. Then it’s time to align the Rorschach Test Compass to the True North and get their grooves back. But first, Dyson does some exception transference of his Bo feelings onto Kenzi. I mean, I think he’d probably also give his life for Kenzi, but we all know who he really means. He wonders if this is as good as it gets and they should just let it be. But our little Kenzi knows her heart hurts and she doesn’t know why. Well we do, it’s that Bo-shaped hole in it.

So North goes the arrow and boom goes their memories. Everyone is appropriately appalled they forgot about Bo. Though perhaps none more than poor Trick who suffered from a spectacularly poor timing in his choice of family reunions. He goes to see Aife, just as they realize she hates him and wants him dead. Even unluckier still, she carries a big-ass knife in her purse.


Then there’s some gross black stuff that comes oozing out of the Una Mens Ark trunk, which is also unsettling.

But perhaps most distressed is a red-haired waitress named Amber. She stops in the middle of setting the table for yet another chicken and mashed potatoes dinner and remembers. Bo. The tragedy of what they’d done to Zoie Palmer’s hair shall go without saying. Just repeat after me: It’s a wig. It’s a wig. It’s a wig. It’s a wig.


Though I must say I like how when blonde-haired heroines need to escape their supernatural worlds of chaos and constant apocalypse, they retreat to the comfortable anonymity of waiting tables in pink gingham-accented tops with names that start with “A.”


Just then, as Lauren utters her name, Bo–wherever she is–opens her eyes and they blaze blue. Oh, honey, this is going to be one hell of a season.



When you supersize the Kenzi in an episode, you supersize the Kenzism.

Dyson: This woman is beautiful.
Kenzi: Yeah, if you’re into, like, faces and bodies. Whatever.


No Bo, no problem. Kenzi can more than save the day. Plus some bonus arm cleavage for your enjoyment.

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