“Lost Girl” recap (4.1): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bo


Meanwhile at the ball, Hale is waiting for his girl to arrive. They both ogle a hottie at the bar who turns out to be the Kenz. Dyson then hassles her about not having the “killer kiss” to catch The Collector’s eye and get the compass. Poor girl, her transition from sidekick to Main Squeeze has been a little bumpy.


Kenzi pulls Hale off to the dance floor to show off her skillset at seducing rich dorks leaving Dyson at the bar. And who else should belly up but Jenny FREAKING Schecter. Yes, as promised, Mia Kirshner is guest starring this season and she’s apparently a nymph with an eye for The Wolf.


He blows her off because of bad tequila-soaked nymph experiences in the past. Dyson, I like you enough to say, run! Run don’t walk! Otherwise you could wind up floating face down in a pool for no apparent reason. Or writing and then stealing your own movie. Or adopting a shelter dog on the verge of death to seduce the vet girlfriend of the writer who wrote a bad review about your book. Or whatever the hell circus freak dystopian nightmare things Jenny did in that second season. Like I was saying, RUN!

Before we can relive all the full-tilt boogie insanity that was Jenny, Kenzi and Hale go all Dancing With the Fae. But Hale is more Baby before her secret Dirty Dancing lessons with Johnny than after. So the Big D (sorry, so sorry–never using that nickname again) steps in for him. What follows is fun and flashy and makes full use of Ksenia Solo’s background in dance. So bendy.


It’s also a little homoerotic. Damn, now I also have to Google Dyson and Hale’s ship name.


The performance earns Kenzi the final rose and a chance to meet The Collector in all his pirate booty and stuffed unicorn hoarding glory. Lions and tigers and oh my, it’s George Takei!


Well, half of George Takei. The other half is a ginormous snake body, hence the slithering. Kenzi does her due diligence and calls him every snake nickname in the book (Slytherin, Cobra Commander). The Collector tells her to stop passing out on cheese doodles and vodka with her makeup on. Really, I think I could watch these two go at it for another episode at least. But he grants her her wish for the Ricky Martin Compass even though he calls it shallow. And even though he knows she’s a vulnerable little human that’s perfect midnight snack sized.

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