“Lost Girl” recap (4.1): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bo


Kenzi also asks The Question: Dude, where is Lauren? Trick reminds her that Lauren abandoned the Light Fae. And Kenzi reminds him she saved Dyson’s life. And I want to remind everyone that she’s one half of Doccubus. But alas, everyone has The Big Erase, they just don’t know it yet. Trick says, “It’s always been difficult to know what makes Dr. Lewis tick.” Um, hello–science and Bo. Pretty simple, really.

Kenzi says even though Lauren is awkward and formal and shy, she’s the only other human ally she’s got. Also there’s some nice continuity about her losing Nadia, so take that Glee. Trick assures her people are looking for her and no one feels assured. We feel even less assured because Trick plops a stack of stuff on top of the one clue they’ve got, the tarot card with Bo and The Wanderer.


Dyson and Kenzi (it’s Denzi, really?) go to see an optometrist Fae who specializes in feasting on memories and referring to himself in the third person. He compliments them on the excellent mind erasing work they’ve had done, and they’re all like, this old thing, forget about it! Kidding. They’re disturbed as they should be. I mean, Kenzi could be famous. Honey, you and those ice blues are way better than the Kardashians already. Canola oil eyes or not. No worries.


Trick tells them they need the Ricardo Montalban Compass to undo the memory loss. I dunno, that’s what I heard and it’s too hard to look up all these spellings sometimes. I’m but one tiny human without sparklerhands. It was supposedly lost at sea, but a rich Fae collector who likes to say “Oh my” has it instead. As luck would have it he’s throwing one last big bash before the Una Mens comes in to take over.

Before Kenzi jets Trick has her perform the ceremonial emptying of her bag. Even with her memory wiped she remembers the five-finger discount. While returning the “borrowed” items he finds the photo of Bo and it makes his veins go all, “Dude, that’s your granddaughter.” Does no one check their eyes? I think I’d notice a big black spot like that immediately, but then I’m a contact wearer.

Another sight for sore eyes is Vex. Yes, Vexy is back! And he’s the new Morrigan. Because the old Morrigan is dead, maybe. Perhaps. We’re not sure but probably not, because why would you waste Emmanuelle Vaugier like that?


Vex is berating his seamstress for her “asexual hobo” chic which only makes us love him more. Though forcing her to burn her own face with the iron is less endearing. Dyson busts in looking for tickets to The Collector’s ball. Hey, is he related to the dude at the end of Thor: The Dark World? Marmaduke (p.s. using that nickname forever, thanks, Vex) sniffs out that the rumors of Evony’s demise–on the toilet, no less–were greatly exaggerated. So Vex hands over the tickets in exchange for his silence. Oh, and don’t think I missed that little quip about Dyson being into balls. I see what you did there, Vexy.

Kenz is having trouble picking what toe cleavage to go with what actual cleavage to the ball. She gives her not-so bestie Lauren a call for color blocking and science help. I love how, even without realizing it, she’s the surrogate for Bo’s worry about Lauren. Even in another dimension/stuck in a Tarot card world, Bo’s concern for her doctor shines through.


Just then a sleazy Mossimo shows up with more of Kenzi’s sparkle cream. If you thought the testing they did on animals was bad, this stuff comes straight from the genitals of a sprite. Call S&M PETA. He hassles her about not paying for her last doses and makes some less-than-vague innuendos about other ways to pay.

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