“Lost Girl” recap (4.1): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bo

Aife asks them for help, but they’re reluctant even after a little love touch. She says she needs to find her daughter, Bo. Finally, someone talking some sense. But instead she gets blank stares and Kenzi declares it, “kind of a dude’s name, amirite?”


Right, so now the not making sense makes sense. No one remembers Bo. Not Kenzi, not Dyson, not Hale, not even really her mama. But she at least remembers that she forgot. She shows them a dark spot in her eye, which is a sign of some expertly excised memories.


Aife shows them a picture of this “Bo” and Dyson gets all Duran Duran on it (hungry like the…oh, never mind). Kenzi gets jealous but then interested when Aife says she’ll pay them for the job. Dyson leaves mid-assignment because his timer goes off and he has to search for Tamsin at the same time every day. Apparently she went poof after driving them off a cliff a month ago and the only way Dyson survived was by shifting. So that’s where Tamsin isn’t.

As they get ready to leave Aife says she’ll handle the bill. She whammies the waitress with her love touch in a nice callback to Season 1 when Bo whammied what I believe was the exact same waitress with her love touch. Like mother like daughter. Kenzi has a flashback to Bo doing just that and we’re finally starting to get somewhere.

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Kenzi goes to hang out with Trick and we get some needed exposition. Like who the heck are these Una Mens. No, it’s not a male dance revue, it’s a near omniscient council of Fae authorities whose sole purpose is to ensure the old laws are followed.  We’d probably know this already if the webisodes weren’t geoblocked on the Showcase site. Ahem.

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