“Lost Girl” Recap (3.12): She poisoned him with science


Bo-Bo sends the pics to Kenz and asks her to investigate. But lil mama keeps being shooed away by all the Fae. Everyone wants her to run and hide. Don’t have to tell me twice. Flight all the way, baby. But our brave little toaster can’t help being a fight gal. So she asks Mr. Always Hanging Around to help her identify the picture. He says he will, for a kiss. I believe that’s called quid pro quo sexual harassment and I believe you’re gross, unkind sir. But Kenz agrees and they kiss and it was kinda good. But beware falling apples.

Tamsin and Bo have tracked the number to its location and what do you know, it has a big old observatory on the property. Tamsin deems the whole thing “bad” and warns it’ll get “bloody” and is pretty sure Lauren is “as good as dead.” She suggests they leave, take a nice hot bath together and then play Scrabble. But instead she jumps in front of one of the security guard’s bullets intended for Bo. She ghostface killas him enough for Bo to finish him off with a solid right to the jaw. And then collapses with a, “This is the last time I do anything nice for you.” See, you can’t help but root for this gal.

Or, well, maybe you can. The kissy stranger tells Kenzi the bottle means someone is trying to imprison her friend. And then he, who happens to be the druid from the Rune Glass, also calls Tamsin’s phone to relay basically the same message. Bo picks up for her and learns that the kiss from the best friend has been secured so now the serum to contain the succubus is ready. Ruh-roh. Bo knows someone has been a very stupid, very bad girl.

If you thought that was bad, the Morrigan’s motion to declare all claimed and Fae employed humans terrorists and demand their immediate imprisonment passes. She’s filled with fun jingoistic rhetoric about the one true state and so on. Next she’ll say they found yellow cake and weapons of mass destruction in Kenzi’s bedroom.

Hale rushes off to find Kenz, and tells her she must go immediately. She has a mini-to-major freak because they all used to be friends and hang and kill Garudas and stuff together. But Hale shoots back, “Dammit, Kenzi, you are not my friend. You’ve never been just a friend.” Dramatic pause. Let it sink in. Aw, do they have a shipper name?

The Morrigan saunters in and ruins the moment. She brings the muscle – like one continuous muscle in a black T-shirt – with her to take Kenz into custody. But Hale says he’s got it and cuffs her and says she’ll be imprisoned until her date of execution. He even seals it with a kiss. Because no kiss is just a kiss in this episode, he slips something into her pocket during the smooch. Let it be a key or the world’s smallest metal saw.

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