“Lost Girl” Recap (3.12): She poisoned him with science

Still the damage is already done. The crowd at the Dal is practically sharpening their pitchforks at the thought of going after the humans. First they want Kenzi’s head on a platter, but then they go after bigger, blonder fish. The Morrigan reveals it was Dr. Lewis who supplied the poison, after somehow finding the second vial. She then whips everyone up with Fae-tionalistic talk about being the master race and superior beings. Shouldn’t everyone be goose stepping by now?

In a race war across town, Dyson is dragged into a makeshift arena. An ominous voice boomed out of an observatory tower tells him to prove his worth and demands he fight another Fae. Not just any Fae but one of his mortal enemies, a Lupercus. In case you’re rusty on your Roman mythology, that’s the god of the shepherd. So wolves and shepherds, probably not going to be besties. What ensues is kind of like a MMA dog fight. Just sniff each other’s nether regions and play nice, boys. No need for all this alpha dog posturing.

The very familiar back head of their observatory observer actually does the sinister cackle laugh as they fight. Wasn’t there a white cat for him to slowly stroke, too? Dyson finally gets the drop on his canine companion, but not before getting slashed on the chest. So he rips his throat out, quite literally. Are you not entertained?

While the fellas were growling it out, Tam and Bo try to track down the number from Lauren’s cell. But before they can go Tamsin has to deal with the boot on her truck and Bo has to snoop through her car console. There she finds her photo as well as the Rune Glass bottle. She snaps a picture because now that damn apple has conked her on the head as well. I know our tragic Valkyrie is kinda betraying Bo and everything, but darn it if it’s hard not to love her when she jimmies off the boot with a satisfied, “Sucker.”

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