“Lost Girl” Recap (3.12): She poisoned him with science

Dispensing with the small talk, Tams tells Bo she wasn’t the one who killed the blonde hottie. And avoids the question about whether she killed the Dark Fae guy in the alley. She instead turns her attention to her immediate need for improved her personal hygiene. So she decides to take a relaxing bubble bath, with Bo still in it.

After climbing in fully clothed (and armed), she is overcome by the warm suds and confesses. To her, Bo is perfect. And her wasted heart will love Bo – until she has to look her in her eyes and deliver her as a bounty to her mystery employer. But then maybe Bo really is perfect. Her eyes are both brown and blue. Her heart is both strong and gentle. She is virtuous, yet a succubus. She shouldn’t even be real, but she is. Poor, poor Valkyrie. Sometimes when she likes someone, she has to make her go away.

Back in poorly folded napkin land, Kenzi is still complaining about being a human in a Fae world. (p.s. We’ve finally solved the mystery of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.) When in walks a handsome Fae fellow who starts to chat Kenzi up almost immediately. Have we learned nothing from our almost three years together, people? Never take candy from a stranger or listen to strange Fae. Ugh, I’m going to have to embroider that on their throw pillows before it finally sinks in.

Lauren is still celebrating at the lab with Isaac. She tells him how for a long time there was something missing, an emptiness in her life. Well, you did have that girlfriend in a coma for years, it tends to make one feel rather alone. But now success and Isaac are filling that hole. Wait, stop. That came out totally wrong. Or at least I hope it came out totally wrong.

Isaac goes on to make himself more insidious by recounting the story of a waitress who was murdered in a grisly fashion by a grisly serial killer who was already behind bars. Lauren’s all, what does this have to do with The Science now? Isaac answers by showing her around the facility, and telling her about how the killer’s bone marrow took over the recipient’s entire body and in turn made him a grisly serial killer as well. You, sir, are the worst at telling bedtime stories.

He says he wants to turn negatives like bone marrow personality transplants into positives. But Lauren has ethics and isn’t a megalomaniac with a God complex who thinks humans should use any means possible to evolve into even higher life forms. It’s not exactly an atom bomb going off in the middle of the room, but this “first fight” is definitely, finally the apple to the head Lauren needed to see clearly.

She begins doing a little investigating of her own and in a bit of turn-around-is-fair-play steals one of the other researcher’s vials to see what’s really inside. Man, this lab needs a much stricter vial tracking system. Or bike locks for their test tube trays. What she finds makes her forehead wrinkle. So it probably wasn’t Botox.

At the inauguration party Dyson is busy fantasizing about Bo’s dress underneath “the right man.” You can dress the wolf up in fancy sheep’s clothing, but he’s still just a horny dog. So he’s too busy flirting to notice the barkeep has slipped the contents of one of Lauren’s stolen vials into his drink. I guess that makes him roofied like the wolf.

The Dark and the Light are trying to play nice. In fact the Morrigan wouldn’t mind playing a little hide the Faelami with the new Ash. But Hale just wants her to cut it out and be more like the movie where the haircut gives you cancer. Take a whack at Ouiser, Hale. You’ll feel so much better.

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