“Lost Girl” Recap (3.12): She poisoned him with science


Elsewhere in a science-y place filled with science-y things, Lauren is doing science-y stuff. Stuff like looking through a microscope and watching enzymes repair toxins. You know the science-y stuff is really serious because she takes off her safety glasses. And then it’s geek joy all around as she celebrates being one step closer to curing heart disease.

She gives Dr. Taft a hug and talks about feeling useful for the first time in a long time. He busts out the bubbly, which totally non-suspiciously he had chilled and on hand immediately. Drink up, everyone – science is awesome. Lauren of course wants to text Bo about her triumph, but – oh right, you left your damn phone at home. Hey, have you noticed how Taft’s first name is Isaac? Another famous Isaac once said: What goes up must come down. So after the up time celebration comes the down time realization that someone has stolen two vials of Lauren’s research serum. Hope you enjoy that apple hitting your head soon, honey.

BroFFs Dyson and Hale are celebrating as well, with a shot of the finest hooch. Dyson tells him how he’s the change the Fae can believe in. Then he pops the question. Now isn’t this sweet? I just love the sexual fluidity in the Fae world. No hang ups about sexual identity, just love in its purest form. Wait, sorry. Dyson wasn’t proposing to Hale with the contents of that pretty mystery jewelry box? You’re kidding, right? He even Pretty Woman-ed the lid when Hale reached for it. That’s classic rom-com flirting 101.

So much same-sex sexual tension already, and we haven’t even gotten to The Tub Confession yet. So here goes. Bo is rub-a-dub-dubbing in her bathroom. Her pensive soak gets interrupted by the sound of someone approaching so, naturally, she stands up knife in hand. Tamsin, you lucky bastard.

Tam-Tam gets an eyeful and then some. But it’s hard to tell how much she’ll remember as she’s broken in just to suck down Bo’s liquor. Well you know what they say, liquor in the front, poke her in the — hey, how’d Tamsin get in here anyway? Bo confesses that she’s worried about Lauren. Tamsin rolls her eyes and is all, “Dude, have you seen how hot I look in this tank top? Like even all drunk and dirty, I look gooood.”

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