“Lost Girl” Recap (3.11): The Witches of Faewick


Bo meets with the babysitter to review their findings. Everything’s fine until they come across a creepy abandoned carousel that starts spinning out of nowhere. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? It entrances Bo momentarily, probably because it’s also playing “The Wanderer.” Thought you could slyly slip another reference in and we’d miss it, did ya?

Bo snaps out of it, only to find the babysitter, Lisa, has wandered off. Because she’s not just a babysitter. She’s a Duppy, a dead Fae spirit that can be summoned every 100 years to, well, kill folks. But the poor dear doesn’t realize she’s Fae or an unconscious assassin. Which means she didn’t know she killed one of the book club members who then vanished into a puff of ash. Kenzi thinks this is sort of self realization best delivered over cocktails. Bless her little alcoholic heart.

But I hope Kenz had at least one of those herself because she needs s stiff drink to deal with the kid she agreed to babysit for Lisa, who is being watched by Trick to keep her (and everyone else) safe. But really her babysitting gig is just an excuse to rifle through his dad’s (the creepy window guy, Sam) stuff. Bo digs up dirt her own way, with a little love touch. He gets ruled out quickly though because his wife actually left him when she cheated. But the head book clubber, Caroline, saw Bo’s touchy feely display and whisks her off. Smart move, never hang around a guy with crabs.

A rough looking Tamsin shows up at the station. And by “rough” I mean her hair is askew, her eyes are red and her breath is boozy. But she’s still sassy. And so she gives Dyson a lot of it while he puzzles over the case of the dead twin. They leave to go check out the crime scene, but first he yells at Tamsin to “maybe try a little make up.” Oh no you di’int. You did not tell a woman to go get pretty for you. Imma have to take you to the Gloria Steinem Obedience School for Bad Wolves.

Speaking of bad boys, the new Ash is in Lauren’s apartment hearing her findings on something or another. He thanks her, but when she asks him for a brief sabbatical he refuses immediately. Hale, come on, we all go way back. Don’t do us like this. What’s that saying about power? Power corrupts and absolute power makes you wear ugly overpriced shiny suits. You get what I’m saying. He tells her she can take the weekend, but to be back first thing Monday morning. What a total Ash-hole.

The book club ladies ask Bo to join their circle – their witches circle. It’s like Charmed: When Bored Housewives Attack. They say their circle is about strong women understanding their worth and taking back the power in their lives and not being a slave to the patriarchy. But mostly it’s just about killing everyone who cheats on them or rejects them or questions them. So it’s less about sisterhood and more about murderville.

But we’ve got even more insidious evil to worry about than a couple of suburban moms dabbling in the occult. Because Dr. Taft is back at Lauren’s door again. And this time he’s carrying a little black folder filled with secrets. He charged his obscenely paid lawyers with digging up the dirt on her and what they found was Karen Beattie. I know, I know, it’s shocking to realize Lauren even had such a terrible, terrible haircut.

Yes, our Dr. Lewis is a fugitive from the law named Karen Beattie who, if I read her dossier right, is wanted for being linked to an organization involved in Interpol cases. Also for protesting against prison sentences and demonstrating about government restrictions to scientific research. That’s all she’s wanted for? Protesting? Doesn’t Interpol have like real terrorists to catch? Regardless, this solves the mystery as to why Lauren/Karen was in the Congo and Afghanistan for five years. Wait, hold up, say all this is true – there is still no way in hell Zoie Palmer is only 5’2.

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