“Lost Girl” Recap (3.10): This is how a heart breaks


Lauren heads to the Dal to drown her sorrows. Hey, weren’t you trying to get away from all your Fae troubles? Isn’t there a nice human lesbian bar somewhere you can grab a Pinot Grigio? Because you definitely won’t run into your maybe exes definitely ex. Dyson bellies up and Lauren tells him she thought he was the enemy and would swoop Bo away, but she did a fine job of screwing it up all by herself. Dyson responds with the only appropriate answer to such heartbreak: shots. And then they commiserate at the beautiful pain of letting go of Bo.

It’s sweet, these two so-called rivals sitting side by side discussing Bo’s brave and noble heart. And also how she was the best sex they’ll ever have. OK, that part was less sweet. But then Lauren asks how she’ll ever get over her and Dyson says he’ll let her know. Wait, it’s just a break, right? RIGHT? Dammit, now I need a shot.

Bo is already packing up Lauren’s stuff for her. These include some DVDs of what I can only assume are some Pretty Little Liars season DVDs for late night marathoning. You just know Bo likes to scream sleuthing tips at Hanna and Lauren feel her inner Spencer.

Tamsin breezes in and comments on Bo’s sad Lauren box. When Bo promises she’ll fix this, Tam gives her a coy, “If that’s what you want.” And then a moment of real sympathy flashes over her face, followed by a very fake sympathy hug. All just a ploy, of course, to pull three of Bo’s hairs out and pops them in the vial.

Bo asks if she wants to be her drunk buddy for the night and Tamsin says sure before striding out while the wine is being poured. Rude. Bo feels the little bald spot of her doing and then goes blue. Oh, Tamsin, you’d better run. Big Bad Bo is on to you.


“Oh, I’m sorry. Am I interrupting your softball game? Can you please grab a big girl weapon.”


Are Bo and the bat the new OTP? Too soon?

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