“Lost Girl” Recap (3.10): This is how a heart breaks

Bo and Kenzi are back at the shanty talking about the campers. I know, I know – this storyline. No one cares, because we’re overcome with BIG LESBIAN FEELINGS already. And we haven’t even gotten to the BIGGEST LESBIAN FEELINGS part yet. So let’s fast forward. The campers all come to hang out at Bo’s because, I don’t know, safety? Judging by the number of times Bo and Kenzi have been attacked while in their home, this is a terrible plan already. Lauren comes in and confirms their danger, because they’re dealing with, as Kenzi calls it, a ticklebang. They need to smoke it out and cut it’s hair to defeat it. Sounds like a spa day to me. Kenzi asks the group who knows how to make pipe bombs and all the juvies plus Lauren raise their hands. See, Space Camp and Juvie Camp aren’t that different, really.

Back at the camp, yadda yadda, bombs go off, yadda yadda, find the ticklebang, yadda yadda, it’s the camp leader from the beginning yadda yadda. Wait, wasn’t Dyson standing right next to her and didn’t he smell the ground with her there and shouldn’t he have noticed her scent? Also, was the Swamp Thing camo just that, a camouflage costume? Or is that part of her Fae thing?

Even though they caught the killer, the most serious action happens right before when Bo tries to process her feelings about the Dawning and saving Dyson with him. She says she’s in love with Lauren, he says “all right.” All right, come on man, a gay lady is trying to process with you. This requires multi-syllabic responses. She asks him if she was hard to date, and he says she was harder to lose. And in the end she says she’s happy they ended up where they are. Him at a bat’s length away.

So it’s all over now, right? The drama, the jealousy, the fighting, the pain? Oh, silly rabbit, we haven’t even begun. Lauren returns home and finds her apartment has been Blair Witched. It’s the head juvie boy, who is seeking revenge for his ticklebang girlfriend’s take down. There’s supposed to be some parallel here between a human losing himself in a relationship with a Fae and how Lauren feels. But mostly I just think Lauren feels ouchie because he is kicking her ass – well literally her stomach. But it’s all horrible and painful.

Luckily Bo and her trusty bat come in to save the day and the girl. Dyson comes in and hauls him off leaving Bo to tend to Lauren’s wounds. She says seeing her beat up like this breaks her heart. Oh, sweetie, just you wait. Because now, now is time for The Talk. Lauren says she’s not happy. It’s like a dagger to Bo’s happy heart, and ours. Bo says since the Dawning she wants to be happy, live and travel the world – but only with her. But Lauren, she’s tired, so tired. And these last few years with the Fae she feels like she’s losing herself. Bo says to tell her what she needs, anything and she’ll do it.

And then Lauren says, “I think that we need a break.” Oh, God, the dreaded break. Not quite a break up, definitely not a together. A purgatory for feelings to hover until someone decides they’ve had enough and sends them either to heaven or hell. Lauren tells her, “I think that I am always going to be asking from you more than you can give to me.” At first this confused me. Wasn’t it Lauren who felt exhausted and worn out and Bo who felt energized? But then it made sense. Lauren is exhausted from wanting someone who can’t physically ever have enough with just her. And, despite all the science and evidence and intelligence in the world, the heart wants what it wants. It wants to be the only one.

Bo stammers on about space and taking all the time she needs and her not going anywhere. But the heart wants what it wants, and it wants to have Lauren in her arms right now. But she leaves, and before she makes the door turns. “This is just a break, right?” And in that moment, we are all Bo.

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