“Lost Girl” recap (3.09): A girl walks into a Dawning


To save Dyson she pulls a Dyson and vaccusucks the chi out of everyone in the room – and I mean everyone. Lauren, Kenzi, Trick, Stella. And for good measure she adds in some stuff about reigning the masses and being feared by death and saying only she will choose who lives. Just your average B-grade God complex, nothing to see here, folks.

She stops short of taking anyone’s life – see, I told you, those models would have been just a tasty treat – and then plays an elaborate game of suck-and-blow to reanimate Dyson with their chi.

He sputters back and the relief on Bo’s face brings the opposite of relief to Lauren’s face. Dammit, people, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Now that her awkward teen years are over, Bo dissects her victory with Kenzi at – where else? – the bar. Everyone is proud of her and glad she’s back. She’s happy she was able to control her super sucking. Yadda yadda. Is no one going to address the elephant in the room? Hello, serious ominous voiceover megalomania much?

But, don’t worry, I’m sure Trick will tell Bo all about her fire-breathing Pegasus father some day.


Me, I prefer to do mine on Fridays.

“Me and Trick only talk sweat on Tuesdays. We gansta like that.”


To paraphrase A Chorus Line, tits and ass can save Bo’s life.

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