“Lost Girl” recap (3.09): A girl walks into a Dawning


Still even though they’re stuck in a bizarro world of Bo’s subconscious, the issues remain the same. Lauren can’t stop thinking about losing Bo’s love. Kenzi frets about being left alone. Trick wants to protect his kind most of all. Dyson just wants to be a hero. And Tamsin, she’s there to clip flowers with bloody fingers. Hey, everything doesn’t have to make sense in a David Lynch movie, OK?

But then we morph into that episode of Buffy where they try to convince her she has hallucinated her entire vampire slayer universe and is really a psychiatric patient suffering a mental break. Dyson ask Bo if she’s been taking her meds, because remember what happened without them. So with her heavily drugged, they’ve got a perfect life. Got it. Throw in a straitjacket and it sounds just like heaven.

Bo then wanders into a scene from her own past. Her faceless father rocks her, and then her homicidal mother steals her. And as if birth/death metaphor wasn’t strong enough we’re back to Bo thinking she’s pregnant with Dyson’s baby. But she isn’t, she’s just devolving. And Dyson is the key. Or maybe Bo is the key. I’m not really sure. I just know it all of a sudden turns into “The Becoming: Part 3” with Bo stabbing Dyson to save the world followed by a lot of sobbing.

But hey, it worked. Because the key (the same symbol from Trick’s finger painting and MacKenzie’s necklace) appears in her hand. And the janitor is back talking about how Dyson sacrificed his corporeal life for her and only one may leave. You see, the Dawning was never a physical challenge. It was just a mental exercise. Solve the riddle of the key, graduate Fae puberty and leave acne behind forever. I don’t know about you, but I expected it to be, well, harder.

Bo refuses to accept the rules, because that’s pretty much her thing. She draws the key on the ground, determined to take Dyson back with her. The janitor warns her the temple can be vengeful, but Bo says, “Trust me, he’s worth it.” But is he, really? I mean, he’s a nice guy and all. But that white knight complex is way out of control. And there’s always the possibility of fleas.

Through the key portal they go anyway, and back in the Dal they land. But Dyson’s still dead. Lauren rushes in and performs CPR (though thankfully not mouth-to-mouth because that would be too much like ships colliding in the night). So Bo works herself into hysterics until she goes full Super Succubus again. Like total blue eyes, red skin, deep voice Hulk out.

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