“Lost Girl” recap (3.08): What a long, strange trip it’s been

As the  season progressed, I must say I’ve admired the assortment of belts and jackets the Lost Girl costume department has found to hide Anna Silk’s burgeoning baby bump. Still at this rate by the end of the season they’ll have to send Bo to an ice world where she’s forced to wear a parka while battling an abominable SnowFae.

Thanks to her cricket training (and full circle, nice), Bo is able to put down the gunslinger and saves the girl. In celebration for making a wise final pick back at the Dal, Trick and Stella share a kiss. Their chemistry sparks against the machine, which causes Tamsin to run up and kiss Bo. And boom goes the dynamite. Remember, I didn’t start this war. I only Paul Revere-ed its coming.

Back at Lauren’s place, an award-winning scientist who missed picking up her award is passed out on her couch, champagne glass in hand and still in her soooo sexy dress. Le sigh. There’s a knock at the door, but it isn’t Bo. It’s a dude. A scientist dude. A scientist dude who is very taken with Dr. Lewis’ work. A scientist dude who is very taken with Dr. Lewis’ work and perhaps with Dr. Lewis altogether, too. And now I frown the frown of a million lesbians.

He invites her out for a drink to “get in that head of yours.” And then he laughs at her “nitrates/day rates” joke. OK, OK – let’s stop right here. Right, exactly here. Now, I’m not sure what exactly the writers have in store for Lauren and this scientist dude. But if it’s anymore than just getting into “that head” of hers it’s going to get very ugly very quickly.

Perhaps this is just a tease, to skirt around the third rail of lesbian character tropes. But according to Palmer herself, and from all evidence of her adult relationships, Dr. Lauren Lewis is a lesbian lady. No, it’s never been explicitly stated – but really no one’s sexual orientation has been explicitly stated in the Lost Girl universe. But still, there is a difference and it matters. So if there must (and I really, very much, totally wish there wasn’t) some sort of flirtation/affair/dalliance with Lauren, it should be with another woman.

Right, so off my soapbox. On with the show. Bo returns. The Spriggan and his crazy adventure and corresponding steampunk contraption was the invitation the whole time. Bo passes, so it’s welcome to The Dawning. But, oh crap, she forgot about her girlfriend at home all alone in her beautiful dress. She runs off and finds an empty apartment. And Tamsin trails behind her like a puppy. Seriously, she came with Bo to grovel to her girlfriend for missing her big award banquet? Bo asks Tamsin why she came with her on her vision quest in the first place. She makes up some excuse about never hearing the end of it if the “succulent” got hurt. Or is it really because she’s starting to likey her? Bo calls her one of the good ones and Tamsin is like, honey, you suck at this game. And gives her an awkward arm tap.

So, for those keeping score at home, in this episode Tamsin has slapped, kissed, frisked, grabbed, dragged and now non-sexually tapped Bo. Love trapezoid, how you confound us all. But even more confounding is the rain of Tarot cards that greets Tamsin as she leaves. It’s all “The Wanderer” and a distraught Valkyrie pleads “Please tell me she’s not the one” with the sinister falling skies.


Nada. Nil. Zip. Zilch. Come back, Kenzi. Come back.

Oh, to be Tamsin’s necklace. I mean, nice necklace. Or something less pervy.

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