“Lost Girl” Recap (3.07): Home Is Where the Monstrous Heart Is


Just then “Seniorita Shitstorm” reappears and they run through the field because nothing bad ever happens in them. They all meet up at the well and it’s time to finally have it out with Polly. Dougie is wracked with guilt but Bo says he was just young and not responsible for the monster before them. Gee, this moral sounds really apropos. So now it’s time for Bo to ass-provise and she sticks Lady Gray Skies with the injection, slowing her enough to go all The Ring on her ass and send her back to the watery depths.

After that there’s just one stop left on Old Home Week and it’s back home. Bo sits her mom down and finally, finally, owns her goodness. She’s not the monster her mother called her. Or that she thought she was. Or that she fears she’ll become. She’s good; she’s someone to be proud of. And with that, she forgives her mother – and herself. It’s a lovely, touching scene and we won’t even mention that her mom breaks the land-speed record for blinking throughout. Poor dear.

At the Dal, Trick is preparing for Bo’s return – sort of. More like he’s drooling all over Stella. And then in true sexy librarian fashion she lets down her hair and says – and I am not kidding – “Sometimes even I like it loud.” Turns out, he’s super into no-nonsense ballbusters. OK, that’s a little bit too much information about the sexual peccadillos of grandpa.

Bo arrives bearing pies and the successful merging of action and awareness. She pops through her invisible threshold no problemo this time. In fact, she practically Hokey Pokeys through the thing. But before we can shake it all about in celebration, we learn that this is just the first basic step and now there’s a temple and the most grueling challenges of her life ahead. Can’t we just all skip past Fae puberty and get to the college years where it’s all keggers and sexual exploits?

Safely back at her real home, threshold crossed, mother forgiven, self-worth affirmed, Bo has only one question left. And it’s a doozy. She asks Kenzi again how she’s doing. And why she was at the Norn’s. Ruh-roh. If the rest of this season turns into How Dyson Got His Love Groove Back I’m going to burn all his clothes on the front lawn.


So many country puns, so little time.

“I feel like I fell in some Amish.”


I just called to say thank you for wearing that nightie.

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