“Lost Girl” Recap (3.07): Home Is Where the Monstrous Heart Is

The sweet she-devil sends them packing off to the Cherry Festival for some wholesome fun, but not until they change into some of Bo’s old dresses and sensible footwear. Well, at least now Kenzi sees the kind of monster they’re really dealing with. No one messes with The Kenz’s kinky boots. Or makes her wear white.

At the festival it’s all pit-spitting contests and double Dutch games until they run into an old school rival of Bo’s. Bo beat her three years in a row for Miss Cherry Blossom. She lives in Chicago now, dresses in black pantsuits and generally hates everything. Charming girl.

Speaking of charming, Mama Dennis is hanging laundry when the girls return. She’s all sweetness and light until the sky goes gray again and the creepy ghost lady – this time sporting a handy sickle – re-emerges and takes a swing at them. This sends Bo’s mom into a righteous fit screaming about fornication and casting her out. p.s. The symbolism of Bo’s mother’s puritanical views on sex, juxtaposed with a town that celebrates the cherry, is not lost on me.

Her mother’s bigoted judgment sends Bo into a shame spiral and she screeches off in the convertible leaving Kenzi to figure out what attacked them besides religious fanaticism. Thanks to different kinds of good books, Trick and Kenzi deduce they’re dealing with Południca, or Lady Polly. She is an underfae who strikes at midday and causes fatal accidents. And in Eastern European lore is the personification of sunstroke. Research on this show must be so fun.

Kenzi finds Bo hitting the cherry wine and slut shaming herself. And then her baser instincts really take over and her eyes go blue. Someone is hungry for more than just a slice of juicy cherry pie. Much, much more. Hey, Kenz, this would be the time to ass-provise. And she does. Now that’s how you turn those blue eyes brown.

Bo remembers back in high school when Dougie was in his occult phase (complete with guyliner) that he led a bunch of them in a séance to connect with Lady Polly. And later that night the well house burned down and voila – that’s how we got our monster of the week. They try to gather up the remaining classmates only to find Ms. Chicago choked on a cherry pit. Dougie then admits he’s the one who caused the fire and released Lady Polly, yet another reason to never teach anyone how to Dougie.

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