“Lost Girl” Recap (3.07): Home Is Where the Monstrous Heart Is


Lauren immediately knows Bo is taking Kenzi, and asks about her Kitsune experience. Specifically, why she was targeted. And here the furrowed brows come. Because while Bo doesn’t know, she does know it has something to do with the Norn. And that’s something she doesn’t pass on to Lauren.

Lauren, however, passes something on to Bo. Something out of her big black metal doctor’s case (the high-tech equivalent of the old leather doctor’s satchel) which she has conveniently next to the bed (patented nerdness is so handy). It’s three injections Bo can give herself to momentarily slow down her underfae tendencies. But they’re only for emergency use because, like heroin and White Castle hamburgers, each subsequent one will give a less satisfactory result. Something that gives a more satisfactory result with each subsequent one, however, is kisses and Lauren and Bo share one before she leaves to address her mommy issues.

Back at the Dal, Dyson storms in talking about his Big Wolf Feelings and how he can’t lose Bo. Dude, you don’t have Bo. But the good news is he knows that. But Trick, well, gramps is a little less clear on the concept. In fact, he’s trumpeting on about how as a human Lauren won’t be around long. Is it just me or has Trick been particularly speciesist this season? Repeat after me, sir: “Humans are friends, not food – or temporary annoyances who will thankfully die soon and make way for the real Fae love connections.”

Dyson respectfully says he knows Bo has Lauren now and vows to not interfere. But he also says his feelings will never go away and he’s in it for the long-term. Which is fine, there’s no way this show can go on for 200 years.

Our besties make like Jack Kerouac and go on the road, on what looks suspiciously similar to that idyllic road from earlier, what with sunbathed yellow fields and gently blowing reeds. Really, isn’t the cinematography and color saturation on this show just lovely?

Once in Grimley County, they stop for gas and run into a country folk of the bumpkin and former friend of Bo – or should we call her Beth – variety. It’s Dougie, who tells them about the pie-off at the Cherry Blossom Festival and the string of bad luck the town’s had since Bo left including the recent death of her former classmate (i.e. Mr. Flat Who Went Splat). All Kenzi hears is “pies” followed by the words “get in my belly.” When it comes to food, The Kenz is definitely my spirit animal.

But before Kenzi can go put them in her piehole, Bo has to open her piehole and confront her mother. In front of the house she starts going on and on about how her mom taught her she was evil and she hates being the bigger person. Kenzi decides to ass-provise and promptly sticks Bo in hers with one of the injections. Come on, girl, you can’t tell the difference between a regular-grade my mom is a monster fit and a super-sized I’m devolving into a real monster fit?

Speaking of monsters, it’s time to meet Bo’s. Bo walks onto her front porch and a kind-looking woman envelops her in a hug and then bakes her a pie. Monster! Horror! Diablo! Doesn’t she know sugar kills? But this sweet lady isn’t really herself, as the whole shelf full of prescription medications attest. And she can’t really remember why Bo left, on account of the dementia. Well, good thing she has a Bo shrine up in her dining room to at least remind her who her daughter is.

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