“Lost Girl” Recap (3.06): Darkest Before The Dawning

In the woods, Bo is sniffing out (a new, weird superpower) the clay cave where Kenzi is being kept and struggling to keep up with Tamsin. She also demands a little more of her backstory, and gets just that – a little. Tamsin was a bounty hunter, but pissed off the wrong people and got a special assignment as a cop. But Bo is so weak she can’t keep up and collapses. Still she keeps trying because Kenzi makes her feel normal and special at the same time, she’s her heart. So Tamsin – touched by this but way too tough to admit it – let’s Bo feed off her so she can carry on.

Look, I’m steadfastly, unwaveringly Team Doccubus. But, dammit, if Copubus isn’t all kinds of hot. Also, apparently, tasty. Bo says she’s never tasted chi like Tamsin’s. It’s incredible, but different. And it gives her the lift she needs to find the real Kenzi, kill the assorted ghouls and emerge triumphant – with a little assist from a penitent wolf. Tamsin looks at them, these friends who save each other time and time again, and once again it touches her. Not such a Tin Man after all.

After a hamburger, and second hamburger, the original and only Kenziest Kenzi is asleep on the couch under Lauren’s watchful care. Then Lauren turns those big remorseful puppy dog eyes onto Bo and admits how much she screwed up. Bo says she can’t right now, but that it’s OK. I mean, really, who can resist those baby browns?

In a hospital room elsewhere, some icy blues are being fixed on a guy in a coma. Tamsin works some mojo and wakes him up, much to his excruciating pain. She asks him if Bo was his attacker and he confirms it, then she lets him die. Outside the eager Morrigan is waiting for confirmation as well. But Tamsin won’t give it. The Morrigan calls it a bold move, in that not-really-a-compliment way. Looks like someone just went from Bo’s fenemy to bona fide friend.

The rest of the We Were Wrong Club arrives at Kenzi’s couchside. And now it’s time to talk about what they were actually right about, which was that something is wrong with Bo. Her cells are dying and being replaced by other cells. It’s The Dawning, an ancient Fae evolution that’s happening 200 years too soon for her. Such an overachiever, that one. Trick says it’s not something for humans to understand, but Lauren is like you have got to be kidding. And he concedes she, and Bo, must know everything. Dude, about time. If you’d told everyone everything in the first place we wouldn’t have needed like at least a season and a half of confusion.

So Trick takes them down to the even deeper depths of the Dal where he has locked up a snarly, rabid creature. This is what happens if you don’t pass The Dawning. You devolve into an under Fae. But, no worries, Fae have like 200 years to rigorously plan and practice for this rite of passage. Oh, wait. Just kidding. Hey, anyone have The Dawning Cliffs Notes?


If only Tamsin was wearing a V-neck.


Even when chained up and starving, a girl has her standards.

“If you’re going to rip off my look at least respect the Kenzi brand.”

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