“Lost Girl” Recap (3.06): Darkest Before The Dawning


Lauren returns with the test results for Trick but deems them “baffling.” She says some doctor stuff but the upshot is Bo’s cells are dying and even I don’t have to search Web MD to know that’s bad. Trick asks her what the margin of error is because science isn’t always exact and Dr. Lewis politely tells him to shove it where the sun don’t shine. Politely. But grampa won’t let up insisting she missed something. So Lauren shoots back, “I know the biochemical anatomy of my girlfriend.” Question her science, that’s one thing. Question her knowledge of her girlfriend’s anatomy and you, sir, will get a very strained smile grimace.

To find Kenzi, Bo and Tamsin head to a sorority house because who doesn’t like hot co-eds in tank tops? They’re all Kitsune, like UnKenzi, and used to be her Gamma Chi sisters until they kicked her out for burning down their den. Yadda yadda yadda – Tamsin made her doubt her friendships and convinced her to visit the Norn where, surprise surprise, the old crone tricked her and took her glamour powers and then bottled them up where they stayed until Kenzi spilled them on her arm and absorbed them so then she stalked her to get them back. Yet another good reason to never pledge a sorority.

Back at the Dal, Trick and Lauren find a groggy Dyson and no Bo. They send him home to rest off his doubt. What he finds instead is UnKenzi in his shower. And then, you guessed it, UnKenzi goes all Single White Female on Dyson. She uses his face as a wolfpop and he and finally realizes how UnKenzi this Kenzi really is.

Dyson and UnKenzi get growly with each other. And the next thing we know Lauren is rushing in with her kit and Dyson has a limp and dead imposter in his arms. He’s freaking out and yelling and crying. But Lauren remains cool and relies on her friend science to test the body. The results show  UnKenzi was indeed Fae. Now it’s her turn to freak out – but internally. This is Lauren, people.

Dyson grabs her up in a hug, grateful for certainty and science. But they both know they’ve screwed up. I would imagine they’re both going to be calling a florist to order the biggest, “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you because you were totally right” bouquets they can find.

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