“Lost Girl” Recap (3.06): Darkest Before The Dawning

But UnKenzi is too busy complaining about how humans need to eat every day (greedy), copying real Kenzi’s every move (creepy) and licking her essence off of her hand (gross) to care. See, this is why I always carry Purell. UnKenzi leaves real Kenzi with her foot in a trap and some extras from The Walking Dead chained up outside. And as if that wasn’t tragedy enough, poor Kenzi’s eyeliner is running something terrible.

UnKenzi returns to Bo with a tub of coconut ice cream and it’s the final straw because, seriously, who likes coconut ice cream? Instead that clever tiny human has found a way to trick UnKenzi while simultaneously telling her BFF she’s still alive and waiting to get rescued. This displeases UnKenzi greatly and she bares her sharp little pin fangs at Bo. Man, those things must be murder on toothbrushes. I hope she buys them in bulk.

But before she can give her choppers a real test, Dyson walks in. UnKenzi cries wolf to the wolf and he leads her away from the big bad Bo. He tests her, a little, asking about the Norn and the chainsaw. She seems to have all the answers so he’s satisfied that she’s the real deal. And he tells her she can crash at his pad. Be less helpful, dude.

Um, total side note, is it just me or did UnKenzi have some kind of breast augmentation? Because while real Kenzi may have shown off the girls, I never remembered them being this, um, rotund. Kudos once again, Lost Girl wardrobe department. Week after week you continue to find new and ingenious ways to defy gravity. A grateful lesbian nation thanks you.

Right, sorry, the plot. The Morrigan pays Tamsin a visit. She is her normal deliciously evil self, and we all wonder why more people don’t choose the Dark. Then she orders a reluctant Tamsin to wake a man Bo attacked out of his coma rendering him a vegetable for the rest of his life. Oh, right, that’s why. She also hints at a dubious and mysterious past for Bo’s greatest frenemy. Pour me a glass of bubbly and tell me more, Mo.

Tamsin perfectly illustrates the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” philosophy and goes to help Bo in defiance of the Morrigan. She breaks Bo-Bo out of the po-po so they can rescue the real Kenzi. But before they can they have to get past Mr. Helpful. Dyson says they’ll have to get through him and Tamsin proves once again why she is pretty much the best ever by saying, “If there’s one thing I hate it’s a man getting in the way of what I want – it’s so retro.” And then she goes all Valkyrie on Dyson’s ass,  which involves turning her face into a freaky Halloween skeleton mask. It works and Dyson gets filled with doubt. But it comes at a price because a large lock of her lovely locks falls out. Do they make Fae Rogaine?

Tamsin, her face back to it’s normal flawless self, tells Bo that UnKenzi is probably a Kitsune, a fox Fae. One of my great pleasures week-after-week is Googling each new Fae species to find out what mythological character it is based on. I wonder if the writers’ room has contests to see who can find the weirdest creatures each week.  Or maybe they just randomly flip through The Big Book of Things That Go Bump In The Night and pick whatever page it lands on.

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